CONVERT datetime stamp to date

I have a field that I would like to only display the date as mm/dd/yyyy.  Current field shows mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM.

I would most likely create a view that will create a field that will display the date only.  
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use the convert function  ie:
select  convert( varchar(20), datetimefieldname, 101 )


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give the points to Karin ,
but i'd use

select  convert( char(10), datetimefieldname, 101 )

its going to be 10 characters at most , and even with leading zeros being suppressed the additional 2 byte length
overhead of varchar is too much...

chippylesAuthor Commented:
Do I get my points back.  I found the solution before the answer was posted?
since i had to do the same thing in sql server so i used this query for conversion and then applying criteria on ur conversion function ::. thought might be helpful for someone else :)

SELECT     TOP 100 PERCENT dbo.BillTo.Company AS CustName, dbo.BillTo.City, dbo.Salseman.Name AS SalesRep, dbo.BillTo.AccountNo AS CustNo,
                      dbo.Orders.OrderNo, dbo.Orders.Total, dbo.Orders.EnteredDate, CONVERT(CHAR(10), dbo.Orders.EnteredDate, 101) AS _EnteredDate,
                      dbo.Orders.ReqDate, dbo.Orders.EnteredBy
FROM         dbo.Salseman INNER JOIN
                      dbo.BillTo INNER JOIN
                      dbo.Orders ON dbo.BillTo.RecordID = dbo.Orders.BillToID ON dbo.Salseman.SalesmanID = dbo.Orders.SalesmanID
WHERE     (dbo.Orders.EnteredDate IS NOT NULL) AND (CONVERT(CHAR(10), dbo.Orders.EnteredDate, 101) >= CONVERT(DATETIME, '3/29/2005 00:00:00', 102))
                      AND (CONVERT(CHAR(10), dbo.Orders.EnteredDate, 101) <= CONVERT(DATETIME, '3/30/2005 00:00:00', 102))
ORDER BY dbo.Orders.Total DESC

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