hiding the local computer hard drive


i would like to know how to hide the client computer hard drive
 i got 5 computer with dual operating system on each (linux/win200pro or xp)
all are connected to serverwin2000

they can conect tothe main server the problem here is . they also can able to see the local hard drive on the clien one  . so its getting hard for me to make the data of every one centralized .
 can you help  me please.
i need the setting for win 2000pro and xp professional
and security settings
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Disable Windows hidden shares ($)

Start >Run Type "regedit" {enter}

Navigate to


Modify or create new REG_DWORD Entries shown below


Set the values as follows

0 = disable shares
1 = enable

WARNING, some programs and services use the hidden share feature I STRONGLY advise
you carry this out either in a test environment OR on your least used server for a trial period
if you have a domain setup just apply a group policy to block the local hard drive, im not sure what the exact setting is but just have a play im sure you'll find some other things you might want to implement
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
i dont think the group policy work but i will give it a go. i will do petelong method to see if something happen .

let me clear my question more

when a client user connects to the domain. i want him to see only one hard drive with a capacity of the quota provided to him.
i dont want the client user to see the local hard drive. nothing at all.
if he clicks onthe c drive he can only able to see 1 GB which i have assigned to all users in quotas.

the problem here is they also able to see the local hard disk of 10GB which i want to hide

i hope this bit more clear

talk to you sooon
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try giving the users a network drive then its very easy to enforce quotas, then you can completely block the c: out.
Disk Quota, and centralised storage? I'd say you need roaming profiles on Active Directory, but then you say you have only 5 clients?

javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
yes i only have 5 computer one is server win2000 server  all are winxp.
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
i run the dc promo and all i have or AD users only . no local users
Here's another alternative...

Disk Quota Management can be done on each drive on the server by right clicking on the drive and going into the drive properties, enabling Quota Management and then changing the settings.

As for hiding the local drives, you can use Group Policy on each computer by typing gpedit.msc on the command prompt. Go to "Administrative Templates" under "User Configuration". Under that click on "Windows Components" and then "Windows Explorer". Double click on "Hide these specified drives in My Computer" and change the settings.

Hope it helps.


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javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
i did the way you said tim but i still able to save the work on  shared documents and destop is it savingon  the hard disk i think

when i was in the uni i knew i could able to save on the destop or any where else expect in my quotoa(15mb)

i think but here i can still able to save it on the destop and shared document
what happening how to fix thei explain me please
javeedabdulAuthor Commented:
hi every one.
i login as an administrator and did the hide the hard disk  through gpedit. but i as a administrator cant able to see the hard disk aswell.
can anyone tell me please how to over come
this situation
Sorry for the late response, have been so busy recently.

Whenever you need to go to the C drive, all you do is open a Windows Explorer window, on the address bar, type in "C:\" and press the <enter> key. This feature does just what it says it does, it just hides the drive on "My Computer." It doesn't actually restrict users from going there.

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