create a bitmap for win32

hi there,

normally i would try to do this on myself, but i have very few time these days so i put this into the community.

i need a script that is to be run at windows-startup and that should do the following:

a) determine username and computername
b) create a bitmap with that information (eg. with text "<username> on <computername>" and black background)
c) set that bitmap as the background image (wallpaper)

i know i could solve a) and c) using windows-api, but i have no clue about part b).
i just installed and but did not have time to read their documentation.

any help appreciated,

tx holli

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holliAuthor Commented:

if one could solve a) without using win-API, it will also be very welcome.
Here you go:

use Win32::API;

use constant SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER  => 20;
use constant SPIF_UPDATEANDSENDINI => 3;
use constant NULL                  => 0;

use Image::Magick;

my $filename = "C:/winnt/logindata.bmp";
$image=Image::Magick->new(size => '400x300');

$rc = $image->Read('xc:white');

#this a. on your question
# This is b.
$rc = $image->Annotate(
                              text => $text,
                              font => 'Tahoma',
                              fill => 'green',
                              geometry => '+20+30',
                              pointsize => 16);

$rc = $image->Write("$filename");
undef $image;

# This is C.
my $syspinf = Win32::API->new('user32','SystemParametersInfo', [I,I,P,+I], I)
  or die "Could not import function.\n";

holliAuthor Commented:
thank you for your comment.

i tried the script and found that the bitmap produced seems not to be a valid bitmap.
i can view the file with IrfanView but i cannot use it as wallpaper, not even manually.

any idea?
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holliAuthor Commented:
i just "saved the file as" (using IrfanView) into a new file and suddenly it works.
maybe the output-format must be especially specified somewhere?
Sorry, you'll have to change one line:
$rc = $image->Write("$filename");
$rc = $image->Write("bmp2:$filename");

This should do the job.

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holliAuthor Commented:
excellent. this does the job.

thank you
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