How do you print the ACL??

Quick question.  Any ideas??
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Sub Click(Source As Button)
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim db As NotesDatabase
      Set db = session.currentdatabase
      Dim acl As NotesACL
      Dim entry As NotesACLEntry
      Set acl = db.ACL
      Set entry = acl.GetFirstEntry
      While Not entry Is Nothing
            Msgbox entry.Name  + " his rights are " + Cstr(entry.level) ' level 6 means designer
            Set Entry = acl.GetNextEntry( Entry )             
End Sub

level is a numeric value just write a switch function to print appropriately .,.. otherwise take a printscreen of your acl :)

androgyny7Author Commented:
Is there a way in administrator to print out the whole acl list for a database??
If Design synopsis if fine with you. then go to database - synopsis - database info- choose acl...


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Partha's code could easily be the base of exactly what you want.  As he says, it needs a switch to translate numeric levels to Manager, Designer, Editor, Author, Reader, Depsitor, and No Access. It could also print out the user's roles, and all tose odd little options (e.g., Personal agents, Public views amd folders).

And of course, you would want it done as a printable report, not a bunch of dialog boxes.

Not hard, but you know what?  You would end up with exactly what's in the design synopsis.
Any easy solution is to go on your server and ensure the catalog task is scheduled to run regularly (but not more then daily) or if it isnt run it using

load catalog

This will create a database catalog which will contain the ACL of all the database contained in a document which you can easily print
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androgyny7Author Commented:
Sorry was rushing and didn't realise I had selected Good not excellent.
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