how to call dts from a job

I have a DTS package that runs in about 10-15 min. I am currently using a stored proc using the sam query as the dts. it takes 20-30 min.

i call the store proc from a job is there a way to call a dts package from a job???
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yes, , right mouse click on the DTS job in EE , it gives you the option to schedule as a job

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LeeHopkinsAuthor Commented:
yes but i need to call it in sequence of other store proc
step 1 Store proc
step 2 stored proc
step 3 DTS
step 4 stored proc
step 5 dts

each step is dependent on the one before it
what i did was schedule the DTS package, as an example,  then schedule the real job and copy the command of the step over to the new step (edit paste style)
you can set each step to proceed only if the previous step succeeded.
sorry about the EE (its monday) , should be IE.

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You can create a multi-step job that does just that!!!

do as KarinLoos suggests and create a schedule to run the DTS then (in EE) expand Management then expsnd SQL Server Agent, Click on Jobs. the right hand pane will show list of jobs.
Select you job by clicking on it
right mouse click, select properties
click "steps" tab
Click insert to add step above DTS
enter details to run your stored procedures

add other steps as required
Save and close

ensure that the steps are due to run in the correct order

call a dts package from a job???
--> Easy way,


use dtsrun ...
Create a Command Shell Step and place the dtsrun vars in the step, execute a DTS package saved in the SQL Server msdb database, use:
dtsrun /Sserver_name /Uuser_nName /Ppassword /Npackage_name /Mpackage_password
LeeHopkinsAuthor Commented:
I am unfamilure with a command shell step
OK, .. in your command step in the edit view, choose Operating System Command (CmdExec) --> This will be where it normally says Transact SQL (TSQL )...

Then put in the dtsrun.... text.
You might want to take a moment to have a look at the different available job step types, ....
(If nothing else, you might find that you can run all sorts of items here that you will find very useful in future).
Even better, run the command DTSRUNUI from a DOS prompt or Start/Run and the GUI will create the command line that you need to execute your package.  Then, like suggested above, schedule.

right click dts>schedule package> can shedule a job here...> ok.
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