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I have a user with xp pro on a laptop, it automatically installed SP2. Now when she double clicks an icon, nothing happens. She has to right click and choose open. AND, the buttons in the quicklaunch bar, when left clicked, open the shortcut properties.
What's the problem here?
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Hello TuscolaCounty =)

Are you sure that before SP2 was installed..... System was clean from all malwares and viruses ??
if No then plzz run some scans now to make sure of it!!

and if you dont need SP2 on the machine, you can easily uninstall it,
First try to uninstall it using the method given here:

XP SP2: How to Remove or Uninstall Service Pack 2

If above fails then try the Recovery Console method as described below:

How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer

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TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
I got it, it was something with the mouse settings. It was using the default touchpad driver and she uses a usb mouse. SP2 must have reset that back to the default driver or something.
There is no malware on any pc's here, we are very conciouse of that and do not allow anything through our firewall/email server/web blocker that could be a threat. Also, all users have an active spyware blocking software.
But yes, i went in an uninstalled SP2 as well. Thanks for the reply.
glad you got the problem solved :)

>> But yes, i went in an uninstalled SP2 as well. Thanks for the reply.
then may i ask why a "C" grade.... i mean a "C" grade means the lowest grade which means you are not at all satisfied with the help from the expert.... is it true for you :-?
An "A" grade means the Excellent help, a "B" means a GOOD help and a "C" means just "OK"
plzz read here about What is the right grade to give >> http://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hi73

But if you still think that my help was just a "C" graded.... then its ok! =\
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TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
Well, the only reason I said marked it as average answer was because it was not really an in depth question to begin with. If everyone gives an an A for every answer then it really defeats the purpose of the whole grading process. You answer was not a bad one, but this IS "experts" exchange, the advice about virus checking should be something any expert would already know and should not post here before knowing there is no virus in the system, unless the question specifically concerns a virus. If this "Average" rating hurts your score somehow then I will change it, I really didn't think it mattered though.
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
ok, i read it, how do i change the grade?
i agree Tuscola.... but i posted a general suggestion, as by working here i have always seen such problems due to nasty malwares..... and i posted for uninstalling SP2 coz you asked for that.... :)
and as you can see that a "C" grade normally means you didn't get any help and just throwed out the points.... so it effects an expert's ratings..... =\

>> ok, i read it, how do i change the grade?
you dont need to do that.... i will ask a mod and he will change it for you :)
Thanx :)
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
Yeah, thats fine. I don't want to give the impression that you gave a "bad" answer. now I know, sorry for that.
thanx a lot for your co-operation =)
TuscolaCountyAuthor Commented:
And to you for yours
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