Best email app for OS X?

I have been using Microsoft Outlook Express on OS 9.1, and have always been pretty happy with it. Am upgrading to Panther so obviously I'm going to have to switch email software. What would anyone recommend? Is Apple's Mail software the best available option? I did wonder: if I used Microsoft Entourage, would I be able to read my old mail messages from Outlook Express in it? (I assume I wouldn't be able to in a non-Microsoft program.)

All opinions/views welcome!

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entourage should let you store your outlook files, but i know for sure that apple's mail software does that. Mail is way better, the interface is better and everything. i have heard that entourage is buggy and slow, but you should entourage if you have a hotmail account cause it has support for it. so does mail, but for mail, you need to download an extra plugin if you want to use your hotmail account.

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clareturpinAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I don't have a hotmail account. Do you know how I transfer my Outlook messages to Mail? Or does Mail Help tell me how to do this?
the first time you enter the mail program, it should ask for your email address info and it should ask what program you want to import email messages from. If you were already in the mail progrma before and you decided not to set up an account and it doesnt ask you to set up an account, you can do so in the preferences under accounts. The messages should automatically be there. If not, look around the system preferences under email, and under the mail program preferences.... do you need any other help?
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> Is Apple's Mail software the best available option?

I have been using various versions of [Apple's] since 1989
and have been very happy with it.  Each release has generally been
quite an improvement [with the possible exception of the loss of
local mail support in 10.2].  The upcoming Tiger release will carry
significant improvements, including much faster searching, "smart
folders" for better automatic sorting that also allows messages to
reside in multiple mailboxes, and maildir support for better management
of large amounts of mail.

> if I used Microsoft Entourage, would I be able to read my old mail
> messages from Outlook Express in it?

Typically this has NOT been the case.  Microsoft mail products have a
long history of being incompatible.  They also have a long history of
causing great aggravation for Mac users.  Just search through the
Mac TAs here for any mention of microsoft mail products.

clareturpinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, both, for these helpful comments. If I'm moving my Outlook Express mail messages from a different Mac, how do I get them to appear in the Mail software? Is there an equivalent to the 'identities' folder that I drop them into, or something like this?
in mail, go to "file" "import Maliboxes"
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