Control loading (too slow/flickering) - winform

I have developed an app that loads and delete controls (picturebox) during run time. When I click on a picture, the app takes me to a different page. The way that I did this was to "remove" and "add" controls to the main form. The problem is that I can actually see the controls being removed and added during run time.

I had developed the same app for the web (a web app). At the time I used "ondocumentready" for when loading the page up a message box (a div tag) would appear "Processing your request". That was cool because the images were completely loaded with javascript and when they were all done, they would immediately appear all at once in the browser.

I cannot emmulate the same with a winform. I have tried also "show" and "hide" instead of "add" and "remove". No help. Same problem again.

Does anybody know how to do this?

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Try SuspendLayout before changing and ResumeLayout after changing. Form designer uses this in InitializeComponent function.
You could also add these to a panel that is not visible until they are all added.
The LockWindowUpdate function of the Platform API could help, but the problem is that .net does too many platform invokes wich slows the whole thing down - even when you surpress the repaints, it will still be slow. Try to use less controls... or create your own controls wich use less platform invokes (but this would be very much work... :o(  )

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dudubravoAuthor Commented:
ptmcomp, you're the man!

I do appreciate the other advices though. I did try each one of them. Actually I thought AlexFM's would work (I read MS info on it) but it did not work after all. I dont know why. I really tried it, but no luck. The idea of the panel was also good but gives me the same problem.

Using the LockWindowUpdate api was the shizzle, the that solved it. Thans a lot,
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