Congifuring Telent access for ldap server

Does anyone know how to configure a linux ldap server to allow me to login into it via telnet access?
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You don't say what Linux the LDAP server is running, so all I can say is what's required for a modern RedHat or similar. By default the telent service is disabled (if it is installed at all) because it is an insecure protocol in that the username & password and all data is sent in the clear and thus subject to a sniffer attack. On those systems ssh is enabled by default and is the preferred means of remotely accessing the server. There are ssh clients available for just about everything and you'd be well advised to use it rather than telnet.

However, if this server and clients are all located behind a firewall and are all trustworthy you can enable telnet by executing 'chkconfig telnet on'. It is possible that the telnet-server package wasn't installed (check with 'rpm -q telnet-server'). If it isn't installed you can add it from your distro CD's and then enable the server.
> configure a linux ldap server to allow me to login into it via telnet access
Your question is
1. Configure a Linux LDAP server for login authentication
2. Telnet login to Linux box

For Q2, as jlevie mentioned, ssh is better than telnet. If you need ssh client software for M$ Windows,
then you can download putty (free):

For Q1, which Linux do you have? RedHat/Fedora, SuSE or Mandrake?
For most Linux, you need to install openldap-server to set up LDAP server.
Here is the quick start guide for openldap


dlev15Author Commented:
i have redhat 9 and we are using slapd
> redhat 9 and we are using slapd
slapd is the LDAP daemon. For RedHat 9, it should be OpenLDAP.

The following URL is OpenLDAP setup for RedHat Linux 9:

For Q1, you can download telnet-server from the URL
rpm -Uvh telnet-server-0.17-25.i386.rpm  <=== install telnet server
chkconfig telnet on   <=== turn on telnet server


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