Event ID 5504 and a clue

Event id: 5504
The DNS server encountered an invalid domain name in a packet from  The packet is rejected.

I did a reverse lookup on, it was some ns1.isi.edu server

I went to DNS --? right click on my server-->properties-->root hints... i see that IP corresponding to b.root-servers.net.

When i go to edit on that ip and click on resolve, the ip address changes to I have been hitting cancel on that screen to get that IP back to

I want to get rid of that error 5504. It generates every 15 minutes. Please advice.
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To find out what is going on turn on "Debug Logging" on my server-->properties. Then you probably will find the cause of the problem. But the simpliest way to get rid of DNS events is to go to my server-->properties-->Event Logging and choose "no events" option.

p.s. When you clicked on "Resolve" button you saw the usual behavior of MS DNS, it really changes to


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jibranilyasAuthor Commented:
yeah true, i can get rid of those events once and for all... Thanks Alexey

i m just curious to know why it generates..

i read on the web that one or more of the workstations with special characters in the hostname CAUSES this event.

Anyone has a clue of why it generates every 15 mins???
If it is true that problem caused by some special characters in hostnames then the event is generated by zone transfer to to the secondary DNS server. By default the zone transfer occurs once per 15 minutes. Try to make it  manually and if you will see this event then the cause of event is found.
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