Help on hearder files in c in Linux.

Hi all,

  I am doing network programming in C in linux. please can anyone tell me how to get the help of the various header files in C.
Like in windows Turboc If u want to get the help of any header file u press ctrl F1 after placing the cursor on stdlib.h and the help will be displayed.

So how we can find in the linux for the same, say I want to know what functions stdio.h provides for example.

please help me.

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Why would you want that??

You'd most prbably doing the exact opposite thing....i.e. which header file is a particular function/macro in...

dineshb_2001Author Commented:
I didn`t get you manav.
Depends on the System you are using. I installed devhelp for that on my boxes and Qide which is a port of a Windows IDE to Linux. It allows you to put the cursor on some identifier after typing F1 devhelp starts and shows the documentation.

You can make it working as simple from within XEmacs something along this lines:
(defun run-devhelp-on-word-at-point ()
  (let ((word-at-point (thing-at-point 'word)))
      (shell-command (concat "devhelp -s " word-at-point "&"))))

and binding this command to a convenient key (e.g F1) starts devhelp from within
Or you simply use the manual pages in XEmacs.... Move the cursor onto the identifier
and type M-x man RET if that is too much bind this to some function key.

I'm sure something like that will work in Anjuta or Kdevelop too.


Ah I see it's not what you want really. Well  in Qide you can go to this include lines and tell it to load that file after that you an browse in it and look up the information in the mentioned devhelp file later. But AFAIK there is nothing which just tells you what symbols are defined in which header file.... For that you want to check the diverse Standards.


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Hi Dineshb_2001

Well if u want to know the information on header files , just type Example:  man socket.h to know abt socket.h file.

or type in the google, it helps a lot.

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