Posted on 2004-11-29
Last Modified: 2008-10-03
I am using and a webform

I want to populate a CheckBoxList with data using a query, is there an example or a website i can refer to ?

Question by:Moizsaif123
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    Set AutoPostBack=True to refresh on every click (cblContinent)

     Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
            'Put user code to initialize the page here

            If Not Page.IsPostBack Then

    ' Create a HashTable with continent names.
                Dim continents As New Hashtable(5)
                continents.Add("America", 1)
                continents.Add("Europa", 2)
                continents.Add("Asia", 3)
                continents.Add("Africa", 4)
                continents.Add("Australia", 5)

                ' Bind it to the cblContinents CheckBoxList control.
                cblContinents.DataSource = continents
                cblContinents.DataTextField = "Key"
                cblContinents.DataValueField = "Value"

                ' Perform binding for all the controls in the page.
    End If

    End Sub

     ' an element of the CheckBoxList control has been selected

        Private Sub cblContinents_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cblContinents.SelectedIndexChanged
            Dim li As ListItem, msg As String
            ' check the Selected property of each item
            For Each li In cblContinents.Items
                If li.Selected Then
                    msg &= String.Format("Item = {0}, Value = {1}<br>", li.Text, li.Value)
                End If
            lblCheckBoxListInfo.Text = msg
        End Sub
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    Hello Moizsaif123,

    Here is the sample code:

    <%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="True" %>



       <script runat="server">

          Sub Check_Clicked(sender as Object, e As EventArgs)

             Message.Text = "Selected Item(s):<br><br>"

             ' Iterate through the Items collection of the CheckBoxList
             ' control and display the selected items.
             Dim i As Integer

             For i=0 To checkboxlist1.Items.Count - 1

                If checkboxlist1.Items(i).Selected Then

                   Message.Text &= checkboxlist1.Items(i).Text & "<br>"

                End If


          End Sub


       <form runat="server">
          <h3> CheckBoxList Example </h3>

          Select items from the CheckBoxList.


          <asp:CheckBoxList id="checkboxlist1"
             <asp:ListItem>Item 1</asp:ListItem>
             <asp:ListItem>Item 2</asp:ListItem>
             <asp:ListItem>Item 3</asp:ListItem>
             <asp:ListItem>Item 4</asp:ListItem>
             <asp:ListItem>Item 5</asp:ListItem>
             <asp:ListItem>Item 6</asp:ListItem>

          <asp:label id="Message" runat="server"/>


    Hope it helps

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    Accepted Solution

    If you're using the SqlClient objects, then you can do the following:

    Dim sqlConn as New SqlConnection
    Dim sqlCommand as New SqlCommand
    Dim sqlReader as SqlDataReader
    sqlConn.ConnectionString = "..."
    sqlCommand.Connection = sqlConn
    sqlCommand.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Table"
    sqlReader = sqlCommand.ExecuteReader
    myCheckBoxList.DataSource = sqlReader
    myCheckBoxList.DataTextField = "...field name for text..."
    myCheckBoxList.DataValueField = "...field name for values..."

    - Joe
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    Ssql = "Select * from testpurpose"
            With cmd
                .CommandText = Ssql
                .Connection = myConnection
            End With
            dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)
            While dr.Read
            End While

    above im running a query which creates a list of checkboxes....

    on server side how do i know which check box is selected or checked....


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    Dim chkBox as CheckBox
    For Each chkBox In CheckBoxList1
            Response.Write("Checkbox ID " & chkBox.ID & " is checked.")
        End If

    That will write the ID's of the boxes that are checked.

    - Joe

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