Windows Server 2003 - Web Edition - RPC restart in 60 seconds


I got this problem with installing Windows Server 2003 (web edition), keep on getting the RPC restart in 60 seconds as soon as I go on to the internet. When I connect to the internet this RPC restart thing comes up and the machine will restart in 60 seconds. When the system restarts, I hit alt-ctrl-del to login and i type in the correct password and it logs me in (that all normal) once I've successfullt logged in, nothing shows up but only the desktop background colour (no desktop items and no start bar).

I have tried to install it many times and it still the same. I only installed the OS and nothing else and still get the RPC (virus?), this  happens as soon as i go on to the internet. Once the machine got infected with RPC the desktop does not show when log in.

I think I need to get some critical security updates, but I cant go online.

Need Help!! Thanks :)
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minichickenAuthor Commented:
So I will need to download the critical updates from another machines and install it on the server machine before going on to the internet. The server machine can't go on to the net at all... as soon as i go on, the virus hits straight away.
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Before you put the machine onto the internet temporarily (or permanently if you like) install a personal firewall like Zone Alarm (

This will block infection attempts and give you time to patch the flaws that allow it to install.

If this machine is destined to be a corporate web server though I would strongly recommend you get a hardware firewall to secure access to it.
Sorry, have to leave for group lunch.  I'm sure Chris can help.
when this happens you might want to try going to start run shutdown -a, depending on the virus this might help stop it from rebooting allowing you to diagnose a little further
minichickenAuthor Commented:
The RPC restart seems to be fixed, installed massive security updates from hell. But the desktop still doesn't show, it only loads sometimes, if I am lucky. Any ideas about that?

and ZoneAlarm does not support Server Operating Systems, it only supports workstation machines, should I just install it anyway and disregard the non-support message?

Thanks for the help so far :)
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Ahh sorry, didnt' realise it didn't support Servers.

Perhaps try Atguard (if you still need one) - it's old and hard to find but remains my favourite personal firewall.

You can find a copy to download here:

For cleaning viruses off you could try Stinger (which doesn't need you to install anything) on one of those occasions your desktop loads:

Also check for odd looking running processes - If you're not sure google generally returns results if you put the process name in.

And finally, check both the Run sections of the registry:

minichickenAuthor Commented:
I think the desktop not showing is caused by installing the worm fix.
Kinda sucks... fixed the worm and the desktop dont show up.

Now I am trying out this thing: suggested by Chris

That hope this one works....

Thanks for the help so far :)
minichickenAuthor Commented:
Ok Thanks guys....

The worm is fixed with the security patches, so the worm is dead or blocked.

as regards to desktop not showing, it somw kind of hardware conflict for some reason, i dont know.
It really funny, if i unplug the CDROM drive it loads properly. But if the CD ROM drive is plugged then it doesnt want to load. Also if i keep a CD inside the drive it also works.

So my solution for that desktop issue is to keep a random CD inside the cd-rom drive. Weird stuff....

Anyways Thanks you all :)
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Windows Server 2003

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