Reboot after 5 minutes

I am have a problem with my system rebooting itself after about 5 minutes except when I go into "safe mode". I have disconnected all drives except the harddrive to help try to determine if it is a PSU problem but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Does it reboot with an error, or try to do something before it completely restarts?  Or does it sound as if you had pressed the reset button on the front of the computer?
And which OS?
nathraAuthor Commented:
OS is W2K Pro. It does not have an error. I just had it in safe mode and it shut down and won't start up. Took about 10-15 mins to shut down.
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You should try running scandisk on your drive, and if you can boot into safe mode and still have your antivirus work, you might want to try that as well.

Also try disabling / taking out any hardware that is not necessary for the computer to run (i.e. sound / video card, modem, lan, cd roms, etc.).   Add back a few at a time to see if the issue occurs after adding a certain device.
Being that the issue does NOT occur when you boot into safe mode, I'd think this issue is more of a software problem than a HW problem.  It could be some spyware/adware/virus problem.  Like jonnyz0109 suggested, run your anti-virus program in safemode, and I'd also add that you should run your spyware removal tool of choice in safe mode as well.  

If you don't have a malware remover already, try Spybot:
and ad-aware:

Theres many others available that work well, too!
tebacher - I overlooked this and would definately agree!  The problem is likely related to software.

Jonny  :o)

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if its not spyware/malware etc (of which, the two suggested by tebacher are excellent - just make sure you run the update on them once you've installed!), then I think it sounds like it could be the CPU overheating due to something thats being started in normal mode but not in safe mode.

I'd recommend you download something to monitor the CPU temperature such as Motherboard Monitor or Everest:

It could be something like your Anti Virus program doing a scan and heating the processor up. Open Task Manager too so you can see if there is a process that's using a lot of CPU time.

If you're CPU is overheating, it might just be that the heatsink needs a clean, or the case ventilation needs cleaning...

You could try taking the side of the case of and pointing a fan at it to keep it cool. If it runs ok then its probably a temp thing.

did u check ur power profile..?? Power saving mode settings..???

when ur computer shuts down.. is it while u r working on it or sitting idle..??? sometimes.. when system is idle.. it goes into standby and does not come out when wake up or some key is pressed.

Glen A.IT Project ManagerCommented:
couple of issues to check:

1st - check system temperatures.  When you're running in safe mode, with less programs running, the system tends to run cooler as the cpu doesn't have as much demand on it.  It's possible that when NOT in safe mode, you're overheating, causing a reboot.

2nd - look at video drivers.  remove and reinstall the latest drivers.  Is it possible that your screen saver is kicking in at the 5 minute mark, and something with video drivers is causing a crash during the transition to the screen saver?  

3rd - try loading into normal mode, not safe mode, and then shut down un-necessary processes you find in task manager.  Keep things like your Antivirus, hardware driver processes, etc., running.  If it doesn't reboot, then one of the processes you shut down is the culprit.  If it still reboots, it's likely that it's one of your drivers causing the issue.
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