reset bios password

I am working on a gateway p5-100xl.  I need to get into setup to install an operating system, but it has a password.  This is an old piece of junk that a friend asked me look at.  

Anyone know how to reset the bios password?
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Hello mythos1959 =)

Normally by taking out the CMOS battery or resetting the jumpers can reset the BIOS options to default values, thus removing the BIOS password also.... have you tried it yet?? :)
mythos1959Author Commented:
no cmos battery.....
no sure which jumper is the right one
No CMOS battery??
You may have a DALLAS real-time clock unit, which is a small black thingy with DALLAS on it. It contains the RTC and the CMOS battery. These motherboards normally have a jumper for resetting CMOS - since the clock+battery is soldered in place... I think you need to keep looking for that jumper... if you cannot find any info at the gateway site about the board.

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mythos1959Author Commented:
yes, it is an old piece of poo poo....I have figured out how to reset the password....with a going to give the guy one of my old 233mhz....less problems...but thanks again
The only "logical and approved" methods so to speak to reset a BIOS password is like was previously mentioned, resetting a jumper pin, powering on with the CMOS battery removed, or the method you will only hear about behind a dumpster of Denny's (lol) which is actually discharing static to the mobo.  Make sure all chips like CPU and RAM are removed, and if you send a small static charge through the motherboard, it is rumored to clear out the BIOS. I have never actually tried it, but I have heard it works.  But that is definitely a last case scenario.  
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