Passing public IP's through a Cisco router?

This question pertains to having the ability to use public IP addresses on machines connected to the "internal" port of a 1760 Cisco Router.

Here's my problem:  I have two servers that utilize public IP addresses.  Right now they are connected directly to the MPOE through a hub, and from the hub a firewall sits between the MPOE and our internal network.  I now have in my posession a cisco 1760 router that has a T1 CSU/DSU card connected to a NEW T1 service that we will be migrating to.  I have one public IP address assigned to this "serial" port, and one private address assigned to the internal "FastEthernet" port.  I use NAT PAT all the time on our firewall to punch through web services, etc...  But I've never attempted "punching through" a static IP address...  Is this possible, or am I dreaming?

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Yes, it is possible.

ip nat inside source static <inside address> <outside static address>

This will forward all traffic destined to the public static IP address to the inside host.  You can use an access-list to lock down access.
clayperezAuthor Commented:

Is there a Cisco document or IOS reference that explains this in greater detail?

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