connecting 2 W2k pc over serial port

Hi ee,

I have 2 Pc's running (win 2k) connected via null modem cable on their serial ports. I need to run telnet servers on each side and their respective clients on the other machine. I need connection to

1. Automatically establish if disconnected (ie some body pulls the cable out) and on reboot
2. Not bothered about passwords as there is no other external connections.
3. IP addresses are and

I know how to do this on 98 over ppp
(ie set 2 null modems, make one  a dial up sever and make a connection in the other  and dial in.)
but I am getting lost in win2k.

Thanks in advance


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My Network Places - Properties - Make New Connection - Next - Connect Directly to Another Computer (Host on one, Guest on the other); select port, select accounts with permission to access.
Better yet, why not go with a pair of cheap NICs and a crossover cable?
GTwoDAuthor Commented:
Hi Paka

I am not  keen on DCC, sorry should of stated the in the question. I would prefer to use another method. as fara as the NIC the 2 PC are 5 miles apart the connection is serail after it  goes through an intraplex and gets embeded in an ISDN line. but as far as I am concearned it is it is serail. If I could change the hardware believe me I would of!!!! :-)

I hear term banted around like RAS and VPN, don know much about them how do you set them up??? Will provide a stable connection?


GTwoDAuthor Commented:
Actually Paka,

I will take that back about DCC, it is much more stable than 98s DCC. All need to do is

-enable the PC's to reboot automatically i.e. no logons.
-guest pc makes a DCC connection automatically.

It is imperative that the PCs need to do this with no user intervention.

Any ideas?

Will increase and split points…
Automatic logon for 2000/XP:

You might have to run some VBScript to startup the DCC.


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