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Users are using both Windows 2000 professional and Windows XP professional in our Windows 2000 domain. We want to make for each user to appear their own user name appeared in their own PC while starting windows. Presently Windows shows the user name of last logged user. Where I want to go in Registry to make this?

One user is using a laptop with Windows XP professional which is not joined in domain.
There is 3 users configured in this lap top and Windows welcome screen is enabled. But he wants to hide one user name from Windows welcome screen (other two user names should be appear) while windows start. How to make this?

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to answer the first part of your question:

i dont belive this is possible,, think about it,,,as you mentioned there is already an attribute for the last user's login name to appear on the login screen and i think that is the only login name option available.,,, how could the computer possibly know who is sitting at the computer before they type in their user name???  There is no "computer owner" field anywhere in windows.
I'm not quite sure I fully understand everything you are asking and it seems you have several questions posted here in one.

"Windows shows the user name of last logged user."

If you don't want the user name of the last user to show up here then you can change this via the following group policy:

Computer Config- Windows Settings- Security Settings- Security Options- Interactive user logoon: do not display last user name

Then the user name screen will always be blank after a restart or logoff. Is this what you want?
You can stop the last user name from appearing, but there is no way to make a user name appear depending on who is sitting at the stated would the computer know who is about to log in?
tell-meAuthor Commented:
I will explain more:

I am not saying to my computer to assume the name of the user who is sitting in front of the monitor.
Each computer is assigned to each user. His user name is appearing in the log on screen because he was the last user who logged in. Suppose one day a support engineer logged to this PC after the office time. Next morning you can expect a help desk call from this user to complaints his computer shows some unknown "creatures”.
To solve this I want to make this user's log on name as the default log on name (which appear in the windows log on screen) always.

I know how to hide last logged user name appearing in the log on screen.

I am sure there is some settings in Window 2000 registry to make this possible. (I did this before but can't remeber now) But not sure about XP.
as we mentioned above there is no such attribute as "computer owner" in the OS so this can't be done... your only other option would be to disable the display of the last user who logged on like you mentioned before.  If your users complain about having to type in their user name when they log in then i would have to gladly say "I'm sure we can find someone willing to work here who would be glad to type in their username"   FYI,, it is a pretty major security risk leaving the last username up there in the first place since username/passwords are the weakest point network security and by leaving the username up there on the login screen you have already given hackers/theives half of the puzzle.


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