Insert XML into SQL Server with ASP

I want to insert some XML data into my database. Basically the user will type a search word in a text box field in an ASP page and then clicks on the button and it will pass the search word to a RSS string and it will load an XML page. You can try the following link. Below the word "Health" was passed:

This will return data like this:

  <title>Health News</title>
  <description>Health News continually updated from </description>
  <source url="/health/health"></source>
  <pubDate>Wed, 24 Nov 2004 23:23 GMT</pubDate>

I have a Database table called ImportedXmlNews. The fields are same as the XML tags.
How do I go through this XML file and Insert the Info in to my DB table fields.
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Dim xmlData, nodeItem, sSQL, sTitle, sLink, sDesc, sSource, sDate
Set xmlData = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0")
Set nodPerson = xmlData.documentElement.selectSingleNode("person[@id='1']")

sTitle = nodPerson.selectSingleNode("title")
sLink = nodPerson.selectSingleNode("link").text
sDesc = nodPerson.selectSingleNode("desc").text
sSource = nodPerson.selectSingleNode("source").text
sDate = nodPerson.selectSingleNode("pubdate").text

''build a sql string
sSQL = "INSERT INTO Table1(title,link,description,source,pubDate) " &_
"VALUES('" & sTitle & "','" & sLink & "','" & sDesc & "','" & sSource & "','" & sDate & "')"

''execute sql statement

AutomaticSlimAuthor Commented:
Where do I load the XML Data from this link.  
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Dim oXml, myError, myValue, i
Set oXml = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")
oXML.async = False

myValue = oXML.Load("")

''check if document was loaded
If myValue = False Then
      Set myError = oXML.ParseError
      Response.Write "ERROR:" & myError.ErrorCode & " - " & myError.Reason & "  URL=" & myError.URL & chr(13) & chr(10)

      Set myError = Nothing
End If

For i = 0 to oXml.childNodes.length
      ''loop through the nodes

Set oXML = Nothing
AutomaticSlimAuthor Commented:
I have used XML.Load with an actuall .XML file on my computer but I haven't used it with a RSS feed. The code that you provided gives me the following error:

ERROR:-2146697209 - No data is available for the requested resource. URL=

This should do, either use the code I have pasted or go to the URL listed.
To insert the Info in DB you have to do it at the part where we Response.write towards the end.


bUseApp = false 'set to true if you
'want to cache responses in memory
'(Application variable) rather than

function ReplaceMultiple(InputString, CharsToReplace)
      iCount = len(CharsToReplace)
      sTemp = InputString
      for iCtr = 1 to iCount
         sChar = mid(CharsToReplace, iCtr, 1)

         sTemp = replace(sTemp, sChar, "")

      ReplaceMultiple = sTemp
End Function

function WriteToFile(FileName, Contents)
      iMode = 2 'overwrite
      set oFs = server.createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      set oTextFile = oFs.OpenTextFile(FileName, 2, True)
      oTextFile.Write Contents
      set oTextFile = nothing
      set oFS = nothing
end function

Private Function ReadTextFile(fName)
 set oFs = server.createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      If oFs.FileExists(fName) Then
     Set FSTR = ofs.OpenTextFile(fName)
     ReadTextFile = FSTR.ReadAll
     Set FSTR = Nothing
      Set FSO = Nothing
end if
End Function

Private Function ReadAppVariable(fName)
      ReadAppVariable = Application(fName)
End Function

Private Function WriteAppVariable(FileName, Contents, RSSURL)
      Application(FileName) = contents
      Application(RSSURL) = Hour(now)
end function

Function DisplayRSSFeed(RSSURL, FeedName)
'caches the feed, updates every hour, uses a file cache
'if it hasn't been update in an hour or running for the first time
'get it and save from file, else read it from file

  Set objXML = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")
  objXML.async = False
  'necessary because MSXML doesn't seem to work very well when an external DTD is referred to
  objXML.validateOnParse = false
  objXML.resolveExternals = false

iPos = InstrRev(RSSURL, "/")
if iPos = 0 then
             sFileName = RSSURL
             sFileName = mid(RSSURL, iPos + 1)
end if

         sFileName = FeedName &  "_" & sFileName & ".xml"
             'remove invalid/unwanted chars
             sFileName = ReplaceMultiple(sFileName,"[]/\\(^+)$,)?&:=")
             sFileName = Server.MapPath(".") & "\" & sFileName

if Application(RSSURL) <> Hour(Now) then

 set objXMLHTTP = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.SERVERXMLHTTP")

 objXMLHTTP.Open "GET", RSSURL, false

 objXMLHTTP.SetRequestHeader "Content-type", "text/html"
on error resume next

 sAns = objXMLHTTP.ResponseText
on error goto 0

set objXMLHTTP = nothing

'Ensure you have a valid XML response
 bAns = objXML.loadXML(sAns)

             if bAns = true then

         'save to file
             'Requires ASP user has write permissions to'
             'path you use
      if bUseApp = false then
             WriteToFile sFileName, sAns
             'refresh in an hour
            Application(RSSURL) = Hour(now)
            WriteAppVariable sFileName, sAns, RSSURL
      end if
      else 'if invalid, try using a previous version
            'response.write "Loading from file " & sFileName & " due to failure"
            if bUseApp = false then
            sContents = ReadTextFile(sFileName)
            sContents = ReadAppVariable(sFileName)
            end if

            bAns = objXML.loadXML(sContents)
            'bAns = objXML.load(sFileName)
      end if
else 'try to load from cache on failure to refresh
             if bUseApp= false then
                  sContents = ReadTextFile(sFileName)
                  sContents = ReadAppVariable(sFileName)
            end if

            bAns = objXML.loadXML(sContents)

End if

if bAns then

'RSS implementations vary. Some use item as a child of channel
'some don't that is what the below is about

'rss .9x and 2.0 implementation
set objItemNodes = objXML.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("item")

if objItemNodes.length = 0 then
'rss 1.x implemenation
  set objItemNodes = _
end if

'display as table

response.write "<p align=center><b>" & FeedName & " recent headlines</b></p>"
response.write "<table cellspacing=5>"
response.write "<TR><TD><B>Item</B></TD>"
response.write "<TD><B>Summary</B></TD>"
response.write "</TR>"
response.write "<TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD></TR>"
for each oNode in objItemNodes

      sLink = oNode.selectSingleNode("link").Text
set oDescriptionNode = oNode.selectSingleNode("description")
                  if not oDescriptionNode is nothing then
                  sDesc= oDescriptionNode.Text
                  sDesc = ""
                  end if
                         sTitle = oNode.selectSingleNode("title").Text
       response.write "<TR><TD valign=Top><A HREF ='" & sLink & "'>" & sTitle & _
      response.write "<TD valign=top width='60%'>" & sDesc & "</td>"

response.write "</table>"


response.write "The requested feed is not available"

end if
set oNode = Nothing
set objItemNodes = Nothing
set objXML = Nothing
End function

DisplayRSSFeed "", "Slashdot"
response.write "<p>"
DisplayRSSFeed "", "Boing Boing Blog"
response.write "<p>"

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