Outlook scheduling free/busy time

Have an exec who when blocking out time in his calendar, or already has blocked time for an appointment, doesn't want anyone to be able to schedule him for a meeting, instead of just showing the time as "conflicts with another meeting".

Any ideas?

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David LeeCommented:
I don't believe there's any easy way to accomplish this.  There's no feature or setting I know of in Outlook or Exchange that'd allow an employee to prempt another employee from creating a conflicting meeting request.  It might be possible to develop a custom Meeting Request form and write the necessary code behind it to address this sort of thing, but I'm not enough of an Outlook developer to know for certain.  I could do it from outside of Outlook using code (i.e. I could write a VB application that'd sends meeting requests and check in code to see if the recipient was already busy and, if so, block the sending of the request), but that won't solve your problem.  If you did create a custom meeting request form and add code to control this sort of thing, then I there are two other issues to consider.  First, you'd need to devise a way for staff to indicate if they want requests blocked if they already have something scheduled, and once you finished the custom request form you'd have to remove or disable the default request form to prevent it from being used.  Seems to me like an awful lot of work when I don't see any practical purpose.  It seems to me that there would be times when it's be acceptable and desireable to have multiple appointments at the same time.

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