what is rdist
how it works
please explain with an example

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rdist is typically used to keep directories between two or more systems in sync.

However, most people use rsync these days as it is more more efficient and secure.

See http://rsync.samba.org/

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  rdist: Remote DISTribution
It maintains identical copies of files over multiple hosts. It preserves the owner, group, mode, and mtime of files
if possible and can update programs that are executing.
It's server-client base. rdist will run rdistd on remote hosts to allow rdist client transfer files over.
It uses rsh or ssh (more secure) to make connections to remote hosts,

For more details, please check the following URL:
http://www.magnicomp.com/rdist/7.0/doc/rdist.html  <=== Man Page


rdist - remote file distribution program

To setup rdist (you need to setup .rhosts file in the remote machine to trust your
file distribution box).

the rdist, use the following syntax:

 rdist -f distfile

a sample of distfile file:

    HOSTS = ( hermes root@magus )

     FILES = ( /usr/local/lib/libcant.so.1.1
               /usrlocal/lib/libcant.sa.1.1 /usr/local/include/{*.h}
               /usr/local/bin )

     (${FILES}) -> (${HOSTS})
           install -R ;
     ${FILES} :: /usr/local/lib/timestamp
               notify merlin@druid ;
# End of  distfile file

man rdist to learn more details.

required FILES
     ~/.rhosts user's trusted hosts and users

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