How do I set an Internal Jet Direct print server to get an IP address from DHCP?

I usually use external jet direct print servers but have received a printer that has an internal Jet Direct Print server.  (J3113A).  I have reset it to factory settings but it still does not automatically get an IP address.  Can these internal print servers be set to get an IP address from DHCP?  If so, how please?
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What is the printer model?
The control console is the best bet. Without knowing the exact model-->
Toggle the Menu button until you see
EIO Jetdirect-->Select
Cfg Network-->toggle Value to On-->
Toggle through with the Item button--> ensure TCP/IP is enabled
At Cfg TCP/IP --> toggle Value to yes use Item to toggle to to DHCP and toggle value to Yes


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From HP Telnet web link

Enabling and disabling DHCP
To enable DHCP type,dhcp-config: 1

Where dhcp-config identifies the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and 1 indicates that this protocol is enabled. This is the default setting. To disable DHCP, type, dhcp-config: 0.

When disabling a DHCP configuration via Telnet, the print server automatically releases any names and IP addresses associated with the DHCP server and re-initializes the TCP/IP protocol for the print server. At this point, the print server is not configured and begins to send bootp and RARP requests to acquire new (non-DHCP) configuration information.

If configuring the IP address and disabling DHCP using telnet Telnet, be sure to configure all of the IP addresses and IP settings, such as subnet mask, default gateway, and idle timeout.

NOTE: If the DHCP configuration state is changed from disabled to enable, the print server assumes it should acquire its configuration information from a DHCP server. This means when the Telnet session is completed, the TCP/IP protocol for the print server is re-initialized and all current configuration information is deleted. The print server then attempts to acquire new configuration information by sending DHCP requests on the network to a DHCP server.
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