Cisco 3725 QOS

My internet T1 terminates at the internal csu of my 3725 router. I have a firewall/vpn concentrator (not Cisco) between the router and my LAN. I have several branch office VPN tunnels terminating at the vpn concentrator. Each branch office has a static IP. I want to limit each VPN tunnel a certain amount of bandwidth.  Can I use QOS or some type of traffic shaping on the Cisco router to accomplish this?
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There are several methods:
rate-limit (CAR)
class-based policing:

Generic Traffic Shaping

Whichever method you choose, you basically define the traffic that you want to limit with an access-list. Each method has a different way to apply the access-list

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sgatesAuthor Commented:


I wanted to make sure that I could limit the amount of bandwidth at the Cisco router. Each VPN tunnel has certain demands of the available bandwidth. Its good to know I can control this at the router even though each tunnel terminates at the concentrator behind the router.
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