Windows uploading data non-stop...virus or something else?

Running Windows XP professional, PC wants to constantly upload data.  The PC was originally scanned for viruses and several trojans were removed.  All Scans now result in no known viruses.  If I turn on windows firewall it stops the uploading, but then I get problems on my network.  Is there a good way to monitor the network traffic for this PC and see what is going on?  Our network is protected behind a decent firewall, and the system us running antivirus/anti-spyware software.  
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Download Active Ports here:

Run it and it will tell you every application that is actively sending/receiving information. Much better than using "netstat" alone..


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Don't just scan for virae, also use spybot Search & destroy (can be downloaded for free), do an update of it, shut off system restore (control panel, system). Running this program should turn up spyware and other malware which you can the remove from the system, reboot when done, do a further scan and if no more spyware are found you can turn system restore on again, if not, remove the rest of the spyware and reboot again.

Also make sure you have downloaded and installed all latest Windows servicepacks and updates (Maybe that's what your system is downloading, anyway).
other than that, simple one would be installing firewall software like zonealarm (free for individual)

you can see wat process/program hv access to the internet ;-D
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