Face Recognition :-)

Hello all,

I'm fascinated with AI. And I'm currently exploring Face Recognition. :-)

Okay, I have a few questions, and I shall number them, to make it easier for you all to reference it when giving me another fab solution ;-)

1) How realistic is a Java app that does this:
  >Using a photo of someone, automatically generate a basic 3D version of the persons head (just from the photo).

2) What APIs (other than the most obvious: Java3D, SWING, AWT, etc) would be required to achieve such as task?

3) How would the application detect the size and distance of the eyes, etc, automatically? I'm guessing that it would use the change in shade, etc, to estimate what's what? If so, surely this isn't a very good methd of doing so.. Just using change in shadows? However, I can't think of any other methods ... anyone? :-) What sort of methods are used by government face recognition apps?

4) Any decent articles on Face Recognition that is worth a look?

Thanks in advance! ;-)
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>>How realistic is a Java app that does this:

Not realistic ;-) Government trials of this using native programming + many man hours have failed to do it accurately

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AI is quite good specially if your up to real programming. What your thinkin can be done however the problem that you will
encounter is how will you do it ?

There maybe lots of exploration to what your thinkin and there are lots of articles maybe discribing to this. I just wanna
say that in this project you'll need lots of time, codes and use of other languages to achive this.

Java alone needs help w/ native languages like C or C++ and maybe abit of assembly language for what your proposing.
It'll take more time I guess there's nothing wrong w/ exploring who knows maybe you'll be the 1st one to do it.

Regards : Javatm
DrWarezzAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much all! :-)

I'm kind of relieved that it's not very 'realistic'. As if it was, I'd feel challenged to accomplish this myself (despite not being an expert ... yet :-P). ..But, I suppose that if a large team of some of the worlds leading experts are having trouble, then I hardly stand much of a chance. lol.

All comments have been much appreciated, so I feel that a  [ 20%:20%:20%:20%:20% ]  split is most fair ;-)

Thanks alot!
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