OWA IIS Exchange Virtual Folder No Items to Show


Here's the Setup

1 x AD Domain, 2 x Sites linked via WAN, 2 x Exchange Servers (Site 1=Exchange 2003 on W2k SP4, Site 2=Other Exchange 2003 on W2003)  

Here's the Problem

Site 1 user's can log on to local server using OWA, no problems.
Site 2 users can log on to local server, however users get blue boxes with red crosses in them, no email or images.

When a user who's mailbox is stored on the server in site 1 tries to log on to site 2 OWA, he/she is automatically redirected to site 1 OWA and vice versa.

When I look at the Exchange Virtual Directory I get the following

Site 1 - Full list of all users
Site 2 - Message "There are no items to show in this view"

For Exadmin I get the following

Site 1 - domainname.co.uk > MBX folder, Public folder and full listings in each
Site 2 - Message "There are no items to show in this view"

If I right click the Exchange Virtual folder and click open I get the error
"\\backofficestorage\domainname.co.uk\mbx is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the adminsitrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

I have spent the past few hours going through every possible web site, trying every possible security suggestion, (IUSR, basic authentication, created a specific Exchange admin account, etc) Uninstalled IIS, OWA.  No Joy.


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Stock answer number 1 for all OWA queries, do the following and post back results...

Check the authentication on the IIS manager for the Exchange virtual directories:

All should be basic and integrated ONLY.
In addition, /exchweb should also have anonymous access. No others should have anonymous.

jazzsahotaAuthor Commented:

Just done as suggested, this has not resolved the problem.

Under IIS, when I click the Exchange/exadmin/public virtual folder, I get no results and still get the message "there are no items to show in this view."

That is normal. You will not see anything if you view the virtual folders through IIS - because they are virtual folders and the content is created "on the fly".
I have just looked at a live production server and it does the same thing.

jazzsahotaAuthor Commented:


Have checked, still having the same problem.

Trying to open the paths that IIS shows for the Exchange virtual folders will not get you anywhere, so you can forget about using that as a troubleshooting technique. The only way that you can test if OWA is working correctly is to login as a user.

Almost certainly this is an issue with IIS more than Exchange.

When you uninstalled IIS, did you follow the MS procedure on doing so for a machine with Exchange 2003? There is a careful process to go through which involves a reinstall of Exchange 2003 in the correct place.

You may want to look at this article on resetting the OWA folders:

This is the article on reinstalling IIS and Exchange:


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