DOS or WIN - Capture Videocard Display to Internet

I know very little about electronics but am quite intrigued by PC hardware.  I work at a DELL Help Desk center and people call in with a number of software issues.  Unfortunately we;re unable to see what these people are experiencing, and I'm sure if it could at least see it things would be resolved sooner.  Getting them to install some Remote Anywhere or Remote Assistance is a no go as company policy doesnt even allow us to do this.  Odd.

I'm curious is there any hardware out there which can run while in real mode DOS or Windows and captures the video display and outputs it over the internet?  For instance if my system is POSTing the hardware has the required abilities to capture what's currently being displayed and the proper protocols to transmit live over the net even though it isnt in Windows yet.  Perhaps it could simply capture the screen every few seconds into a cheap form of ram until it gets into Windows.  While in Windows it can act like a standard Remotely Anywhere.  Perhaps if it has net access it could even allow 2 way interaction, while in DOS.
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I am aware of the policies that major computer manufacturer sets as I have been working for IBM a couple of years ago.
There are programs which you can install on clients machine to take snapshots of their whole desktop e.t.c but this would infringe on the company policy as well.
According to me, the best way to determine a users problem is to listen to the beep sequenses and make notes of the POST errors.
One software which I personally find useful is TightVNC (a remote viewer) but as with most other programs, there is a client that needs to be installed on the users machine.

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