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i have a input page which has a form with a listbox,two textboxes and a submit button.After users selecting a value from the listbox , typing values in the textboxes and submitting it, i have to insert those values into the database and then moveup to the next page,the actions to use those form variables in the next page (which also has a form) for inserting into the database?
i inserted these values into the database in the input form and used <cflocation url="actions.cfm"> at the end  to go to the next page, but it shows error.What can be done to this ?

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what is the error?
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I'm trying to scan your brain waves to see what the error is, but I can't seem to get a hold on your brain waves!!

In all seriousness, we need to see some errors before we can comment how else do we know what is wrong?

We can guess:

- It could be that the action page expects the form variables, which are lost when you do a cflocation
- There could be a db error
- You could refer to a wrong variable name
- etc. etc.
When you do a CFLOCATION you won't be passing the variables along with it. So I'm guessing that's why the final page is bombing because it expects those variables to exist.

The easiest thing to do is pass the variables via URL onto the final page. Eg:

<CFLOCATION URL="actions.cfm?Var1=Value1&Var2=Value2">

The second easiest way would be instead of cflocation to build an html page with a hidden form that submits on load. Eg:

<body OnLoad="document.form.submit()">

<form action="actions.cfm">
  <input type="hidden" name="Field1" value="#FORM.Field1#">
  <input type="hidden" name="Field2" value="#FORM.Field2#">
  <input type="hidden" name="Field3" value="#FORM.Field3#">

- Tariq Ahmed.

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I did the same guessing work already...
To put these forms in the database you should use something like this:

<form action="page2.cfm">
<input type=text name=var1>
<input type=submit>

<cfquery datasource="myDsn" name="example">
INSERT INTO tblName (field1) VALUES ('#form.var1#')
<form action="action.cfm">
<input type=text name=var1 value="#var1#">
<input type=submit>

thanks! blabla..
<cfquery datasource="myDsn" name="example">
UPDATE tblName SET field1='#form.var1#'
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