pptp vpn appliance solution

hi i have multiple sites that i manage remote access on.  these are small networks (10 to 30 stations) and they usually have a few remote users connecting in from remote hot spots.  i chose the snapgear vpn appliance.


it seems to work great, and since it is a pptp server, clients can connect in without any special software or hardware.  my question is this, this is the only device i could find like this, is there any more devices like this? im not looking at installing a dedicated server to handel the incoming connections, and the users just connect to it, then use terminal server to do there thing.

Thanks -dp
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I have a similar setup myself and use sonicwall firewalls in each location, all sites are vpn'd with sonics and people use the very simple vpn client for remote access from any internet connection, along with the high encryption levels and secure tunneling you also have the option of standard password access and radius autentication. I have used for over 2 years with out fault. I use the pro300 which are superceeded by pro 3060. These appliances arent the cheapest, but most reliable and easiest i have worked with. www.sonicwall.com

there is quite some more features with these units too many to go through here, check out the site.

hope this helps
ps i dont work for sonic honest !!!

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Cisco PIX firewall also does this. It can be a PPTP endpoint, or you can use the Cisco VPN IPSEC client (more secure).

I use a PIX firewall for my VPN, like lrmoore said its more secure and with a smartnet contract you can get great support for it from Cisco.  In my setup I was able to authnticate the VPN users through the Active Directory account on the Windows domain.  I'm sure you coudl authnticate off of any radius server so the PIX gives you lots of power and flexibility.
pcavenueAuthor Commented:
crud, i tried to split the points on that one, you all had great advise that i researched.  sorry about that lrmoore, and rshopper76.
pcavenue, thanks, if you require any further info i will try my best to advise, i dont use all the features on these applances but will advise where i can

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