Rotate a 3d sphere?

Hello, new to Actionscript. In an effort to learn I've assigned myself a made up project and I have no idea where to start, as it seems an incredibly complicated task. I will try to explain:

A game where I would have a 3 dimensional sphere with dots on it, each of which I would like to store its coordinates. Each dot represents a question, and each time a question is answered correctly it will draw line to another dot on the sphere. The coordinates of the users answered dots will be stored and when they return the movie will start by drawing a line connecting all the correctly answered dots. In the end when the questions have all been answered the drawing between the dots will reveal a pattern like on a christmas bulb.

This is just to try and learn how to take a 3 dimensional object and draw a line across points of it's surface depending on what coordinates have been stored in the users profile. At the same time I draw a line a need to know how to rotate the object to it's next position.

Does this make any sense? I know how to save data, get it back and draw lines on a 2D surface but not while using a 3 dimensional object

Any help in the right direction is appreciated!!
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Well, I have not yet seen an object rotating with curves, faking real 3D. I can give you this to try something while looking for something better..

Just include it in the first frame of a new movie..
That does seem extremely complicated.  About the best info I know of simulating 3d in actionscript is at, the page can be found here:

As complex as those are, they aren't anywhere near what you're describing, but hopefully it will be helpful.

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animated405Author Commented:

Thank you very much. I don't think what I want to do is really possible. If it is I'd really like to know how to do it. I figured out a way to accomplish a similar effect using a combination of 2 dimensional imagery that just wont be as rich as I would ideally like.

Anyway, that's a great site and I came across I lot of other great turorials after reading through some of those.
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