MP3 Player for Hold Music

We currently have a PBX system in the office and the hold music is provided by a portable cd player on repeat. It is powered by a universal "wall wart" type power supply. For the last few months (? longer than I've been here) it quits playing and has to be restarted several times a day so we are looking at buying something to replace it and I suggested an MP3 player to allow more versatility and because it has no moving parts.

My question is, what kind of MP3 player should I get?

-Price should be less than $100
-Has to hold at least 1 hour of music, but 2-3 or more would be better
-Standard headphone jack
-Needs to have external power supply connector for 24-7 power (power supply included would be nice, but I have a universal PS that should work)
-Has to be reliable enough to operate 24-7 for at least a year or two

I've seen this cd-player setup in several other places and it wouldn't surprise me if someone else has tried this before and has experience with it.

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I have used a variety of different things in the past for this.  The most stable has been an actual CD player, vs a walkman senario.  You can probably get one of these that can play MP3 files for the same price as a good MP3 player.  The CD player would probably be more reliable over the long run.  Most can use standard audio connection to hook up to your PBX.

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For less than $100 the Samsung Yepp ;-) Is quite a bargain,
Check for a full review.
CREATIVE - MuVo TX FM 128 MB - 79 Euro. It's FM radio too and Creative quality is well known.
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We have had similar problems in past and we have recently put a solid state MP3 Player. But this has taken place just recently (few months ago) so I am not whether it will last 2-3 years or not..

We are using a Creative nomad player with external power adapter. The Power adapter is a ordinary one available at most of the electronic stores. So far the player has been working well. Another Advantage is that it can be used with batteries in case of power failure. Normally the batteries last for few days on full charge. If the surrounding temprature is between 15-24 degrees, there no anticipated problem with these MP3 Players.

brakk0Author Commented:
Thanks for the answers. I went with a CD player that plays MP3 CDs also.
Probably a wise thing to do, I mean, as long as you're happy, that's the main thing :)
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