Scientific Notation Issue in Crystal Reports 9. 18 Digit number turned into Scientific Notation.

I am querying a field in ORACLE 9 that is 18 characters long.  

Example This number: 800010100000005040
Turns into this in CR: 8.00e+017

I think it is something pretty easy if someone has run into this before, I am just new to crystal and don't know what options I have at my disposal at this time.  I have done a google search for things also and con't find anything too close.

Thanks in advance.

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Is the field width in the report wide enough for 18 digits?

Select the field
Select the appropriate number format

Ken TurnerCommented:
There is a document at:

which says, amongst other things, "Numbers and currencies are represented in Crystal Reports as double-precision floating-point values with a precision of 15 decimal digits."

The document refers to CR8.0 - which version are you using?


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Ken TurnerCommented:
Sorry, I missed your mention of CR9 in the title of your question.

Not sure whether the limitation has been changed in CR9.0
cmgtechAuthor Commented:
What I ended up doing was to insert a substr(*field name*) in the select statement.  While kind of bush league, it works for my purposes... hope it helps someone sometime.
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