3D modelling how to highlight different parts of models using a stand alone executable


I'm not even sure its possible to explain what i'm trying to do, i've just begun using 3D studio max and i've managed to create a human model, i need to be able to click on different parts of the body and highlight the area clicked on (by color). I also need to navigate the scene, like rotate the model, zoom in and out etc. Could some one please tell me how i could go about doing this. I mean what would be the best language to use and or program. I'm not sure but should i be looking at things like director or VRML?

Also if there is anyone that can help give guidance throughout this project my email address is on my profile.


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OK... The best way to do this is with 3DS MAX and Macromedia Director.

Director has great 3d capablities and makes an EXE for you. Basicaly you export your scee to Directors W3D format. (plug in for max comes with it) Then open director and import your W3D scene and plop it on the stage. From there you can open preset 3D behaviors like rotate, so the user can rotate it with thier mouse. The coding is only as complicated as you want your project to be, but the one thing you will have to do is make each body part a seperate name so you can tell director what to do with it.

You can change the models colorwithin director sort of like this.... (not exact code)

on mouseUp me
  set the color of sprite.("arm") the currentSpriteNum to red

But that will be the most chalenging part.

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I thought this might interest you...


you may be able to take this tye of aproach.
you also might consider flash and swift3d.  I don't know how you import, but I know it does do interactive 3D elements.

xaero_coolAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys

Thanks for the replies, sorry i took a while responding i've been spending time on the medical research side of the project, i actually haven't decided which approach to take. The problem with using flash is that i'm not sure if there's a way to record where the user clicked. The Human body model will need to be broken down into at least 50 seperate objects front and back. So that parts of the bod can be selected in detail.

After the user clicks on the parts the clicks or areas that they clicked on need to be record for analysis.

So i guess the question is if it can be done in flash or not


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