Easy One, first Web App using Delphi and .net. What's required.

This is an easy question I believe, but I do not have much time for research.
We have a Windows 2000 Server running IIS 5. We need to deliver a small app by year end that must be available to our employees and contractors from anywhere on the internet, (secured). Our current development platform is Delphi 7 and I just started looking at Delphi 2005. We have nothing using .net at this time. We will be using the Advantage DB engine on the backend of the Web using ADO.net.

If we did this new web app with Delphi's .net support, what additional components are required?
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Why don't you use IntraWeb. It is a good resolve web develop in Delphi?
Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
If you use .NET then the webserver will need .NET version 1.1 installed on it, with ASP.NET support. This, plus the compiled Delphi project(s) and possibly the .NET assemblies that Delphi requires would be what you need to have installed on it. And you will set up the folder where it will be running as an Application folder within IIS.

I wrote my first ASP.NET/Delphi 8 application within 4 hours. It took me about a week to get it uploaded correctly to my website with a special logon screen, though. It's not as easy as it seems at first, mostly because a lot of things you have to do are configuration-based, not codebased.

One comment from me about Intraweb... It's crap. I HATE it. I've used it and it's less intuitive to use than just ASP with Delphi 8. IntraWeb also doesn't perform that well in all situations and you have to restart IIS every time when you're working with ISAPI DLL's. With .NET you don't need to restart IIS and it performs quite well. I'd only use IntraWeb if I would have to develop for an Apache server or a server that cannot handle ASP.NET for whatever reason. Otherwise, Delphi for .NET is a better alternative indeed, once you're familiar with it.
"you have to restart IIS every time when you're working with ISAPI DLL's."

not necessarily there are tools which mean that you dont need to do that and can restart them "on the fly" although you will need admin access on the server to set it up - or alternativly there are hosts which have such tools already installed

some usefull links


http://www.reddi-web.com/isapi_manager.asp - no need to restart IIS


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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
True, David. But it just means you either have to restart IIS yourself or let some tool do it for you. It's just a kind of setup I dislike. With ASP.NET and Delphi things are a lot easier. If you want to overwrite a webapplication or even remove it, you can do this without any real problems.
Of course you could use a different webbrowser with IntraWeb or even write your own webserver with this code but if you have IIS then why not use it? With ASP.NET it does become quite easy, although you do have to learn how to configure the system correctly.
fair enough, I just wanted to say ISAPI dll's can be used sucessfuly
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