Progressive Remote backup

I'm looking for a Progressive REMOTE backup solution. I want to run daily backups for my clients (XP) to my Server (Linux)

There are backup solutions which run progressivly, they encrypt and compress changed files in to ONE backup file. They then send this one file to the ftp server. Which defeats the entire object of Progressive backups.

There are backup solutions that do exactly what i want, they only upload the indvidual files that have changed, and they do it compressed and encrypted. They only run on Windows Servers.

Does anyone know of of an application that Backs up all files Individually encrypted AND/OR then sends these files to an ftp server or equivalent.

I'm looking to use my server not anyone elses. If neccesary I can use a seperate FTP application to do a sync transfer and only upload what encrypted files have been changed. But solution must be Secure and must allow for only changed files to be uploaded remotely.

Thank you very much.
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Try using 7zip, commandline version

As far as I could see you can use switches which compare the files age and so you could tell it to replace older files in the archive with new versions. It probably won't work directly with FTP connections, i'd install Samba on the linux server to take the archive files. There are also possibilities to password protect the archive files.

You can create batch files to automate the backup.

Since you are backing up encrypted files from an ntfs file system to a linux system you will have to use some sort of archiving utility as above, so as to preserve the ntfs file attributes. Just copying the files to your linux system would otherwise remove the special ntfs attributes, including encryption.
Nearly every major backup software is available on both Windows and UNIX servers. High availability and functionality software may cost a lot but you should determine, upon your business scale and capacity, whether that software is good enough for you.

Two major players are the IBM's Tivoli program and Veritas's Backupexec software. Both allows you high availability, encryption, data compression and the option to run external commands before and after backup. This allows you to manipulate the backup to a FTP server. But, than again - you will need to script the file to access the FTP server.

If you wish to get further details and expand on what exact software you used within Linux so it may guide us through better, just say so...

IBM backup solution:


Veritas encryption:

Good luck,


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