Accessing a weight reading from an electronic scale that's connected to a 9 pin serial port

I'm writing (or should I say "rewriting") a simple program that uses the weight on a scale to help count parts in our warehouse. I've got the program working currently, but you have to manually enter the weight into the text boxes in order for it to make the final calculation at the end. You have to enter manually 3 different weights: 1.> Empty Box  2.> Box with 25 pieces  3.> Full box.

I'd like to be able to add a button next to each text box (where you normally entered it manually) that would "capture" the reading on the scale and import that value into the required text box. This would eliminate human errors from typing and save someone from having to glance the scale 3 times per session.

I've browsed this site for solutions and most that I saw had to do with serial modems, ect..

Anyone ever accomplished this small feat and could lend me some knowledge?


Jason Krueger
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You should use the MSComm control. The only compatible device that most users have (including myself) to develop and test with is a modem.

The difference will be in the messages that are passed between your device and your PC. You will need have a knowledge of the device's message protocol. Hopefully you have some technical documentation to work with.

I suggest that you start with one of the modem solutions and adapt it. This is one that I understand:

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