cpu usage 100%

I have a toshiba satelite laptop with 1.6 celeron. the cpu usagea goes all the way to 100% as soon as I start the computer. when I go into the task manager, processes, the system idle process stays in up in the 90% cpu usage consuming almos all the memory. I have scanned the computer with mcafee antivirus and found no viruses. also I ran spybot and cleared all the spyware, but nothing seems to work. I really dont want to format my computer. any comments will be appreciated.
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Relating to the system idle process this is 100% normal.
You have nothing to worry about.

Is there any problems you are experiencing? Eg. Overheating or slow computer preformance?

the system idle process , as stated above, should be running around 90 or so % depending on what you have running on start up. The system idle process is just what it says"idle" meaning this amount is now idle, not used.
If your system is slow, add memory. don't worry about the system idle process, as mentioned already, this process is actually telling you your pc isn't doing anything! In taskmanager don't look at cpu usage, but at memory usage. You should see that way which process really uses memory!
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Your system idle process is your UNUSED CPU activity.  For example, if your CPU isn't being used, then your CPU activity will be 100%.  The important number to look at is at the bottom of the Task Manager window which will say CPU Usage: xx%.

A great freeware CPU monitoring program is called Cool Beans System Info.  Check it out here:

Another important aspect of system performance is the amount of memory you have.  Hopefully your laptop has at least 64MB of memory.  If your system doesn't have a lot of memory, have no fear because you CAN upgrade the memory in your laptop even though it's slightly more complicated.  Also, what operating system do you have installed?  Windows 98 can be a system resource and memory hog (and can't use memory over 64MB!)  Your system is fast enough to run Windows 2000 or XP (if you don't have it already) which will give you added protection from spyware and increase your overall system performance.

Good Luck!

What Operating System have u got?

(You may have the following, which I have copied from

Is the hard drive going flat out even though u r doing nothing?

If so, chances are, you are using the "Offline Folders" feature. This copies data to a local cache under C:\WINDOWS\CSC. The directory appears very well hidden, so you may have to type C:\WINDOWS\CSC in the Windows Explorer Address bar.

Open "My Computer" and select Tools/Folder Options from the menu.

In the Offline Files tab, use the 'Delete Files...' button to empty the local disk cache. Next, disable the feature by unchecking "Enable Offline Files".

Note: if you enable Fast User Switching under Windows XP, the Offline Folders feature is automatically disabled because it is incompatible with Fast User Switching. So, enable Fast User Switching to make sure the Offline Folders feature remains offline
>click start button

check wither you have programs that you installed before and uninstall and they still work on the startup

just uncheck them and restart.

Note: you will be note a message after the restart just ignore it.

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