VPN can't map drives after successful connect on Linksys WRV54G

I'm currently using a Linksys WRV54G VPN router.  I bought it for it's easy VPN setup.  I setup the user accounts on the router and can successfully connect remotely using the "quickvpn" client software that Linksys provides.  The problem is that I can't "see" the remote network from the client side.  I turned off all firewalls.  I can successfully ping all of the network addresses on the network but can't seem to resolve any names.  I also can't navigate by ip address.  I type in \\ipaddress\c$\ and my client computer can't see anything.  The network that I am trying to remotely access is using a completely different ip/subnet configuration.  

Again, I can connect and ping, but I can't map--even by ip address.  Please advise.

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some points..

It is possible it is a firewall issue as ports 137-139, 445 are desireable for networking to work even by IP address if a remember, can you do a port scan for those ports?

Linksys QuickVPN functionality with the WRV54G was added with firmware version 2.36

some people had your same problem

this site had some fixes as they have the same problem


what firmware version do you have? are you behind a router accessing the WRV54g?

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ogmike80Author Commented:
I have all of my firewalls turned off to my knowledge.  I am behind a netgear router but I also tried it with the public ip.  I am running version 2.36 and I am having the same problems as the people in the articles.  From what I've read, I should be able to connect to the remote network from behind my NAT router.  However, nobody has had any success with it.  If I knew which ports the client software was using, couln't I just forward those ports to the machine with the client software?  It's very odd, I can ping all of the machines behind the WRV54g but can't view any resources.  I have even tried setting up the LMHOSTS file to connect to the remote machines--no luck.  

I'm beginning to realize that I need to purchase a second WRV54g and create a VPN tunnel.  Thanks to your articles, I now understand that the "quickvpn" setup is a pathetic wannabee VPN setup.  Thanks for the help.  Enjoy the points!!
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