Video Card fan making noise

My video card suddenly started to make a lot of noise.   Not too surprising because the card is about 6 years old.    It's a Diamond Monster Fusion 16MB PCI card with a Hydro Bearing DC 5V 0.09 A (Model AP4505MX-Q90) fan.

A few questions:  

How easy/hard would it be to find a new fan for this old model of video card?
Do I even need a fan?

I have no other fans installed except for the CPU and power supply fan.

Or am I better buying another cheap PCI card?
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Hi there,
Frustrating isnt it when your video card starts making a ton of noise.

You do search on ebay to see if you could find a fan for your card. or If you are so inclined you could purchase on of the pci slot cooling fans.  
here is an example on ebay for lack of a better source
You could unplug the fan and just have this fan blow on the card.

Hope this helps!
cameron_schulerAuthor Commented:
Not a bad idea, I might do that.  

Any other suggestions?
I would reccomend buying another cheap PCI card.
They are quite cheap and the preformance boost would be very large.

If you go with a new PCI card here are some links that I would think suit what you want just depending on how much you wish to spend.

One of those 3 should be fine. I'm sure you can find a good deal on ebay.

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Your 16MB video card proably does not need a fan. I have removed the fans before and installed a heatsink in its place. Many a time the fan stop running and if it does not make noise before it quits the user never know it.

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Or, you could just oil the fan and keep the card you have.
cameron_schulerAuthor Commented:
jarich,  the video card does have a heat sink.  The fan is on top of that.  

SirJoshua, I actually did look for some oil but couldn't find any.  Might need to go buy some and try that.
I sometimes use butter in place of oil. that works too. Just make sure to clean all dust away before greasing the bearing of the fan.
For your grahics adapter I don´t see why it has a Fan !

It shouldn't get that warm, but...

Try to remove the fan, and work with the computer. If it starts to freeze a lot, than it's because the fan is really needed. If not, you can keep the fan out !

Best Regards!
if u need to grease the fan, take motor grease. u can get somewhere from mechanics. if u take butter or oil, i'm afraid later it will drip.

engine grease is much better where it can stand high heats
I wouldnt reccommend a PCI slot cooling fan becasue they are very, very, very, very noisy!

Just remove the fan at the moment, and monitor its heat (with your hand every now and then), if its getting a bit warm then either 1)lubricate the fan or 2)try and find a way of cooling it without a fan, e.g. a processor heatsink from somewhere will dissipate alot of heat, then if THAT gets a bit too warm for you just give up and get a new graphics card.

A cheap PCI card is easy, in fact ive got some i could sell you for a reasneable price (£10), that dont have fans on so your problem would be sorted. emailed me if your interested - dabombtom [at] hot males =)
cameron_schulerAuthor Commented:
The fan has been less noisy lately.  It it acts up again I'm will either oil it or remove it.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I have split the points because there were many solutions.
Most of the old 3dfx-based cards (such as your Monster Fusion) actually did run surprisingly hot.  People with FX5950s and Radeon 9800s and the like tend to be surprised at just how toasty these things got!  I remember my old Voodoo3 with its big passive heat sink that was an absolute danger to your hands if you wandered into its vicinity while it was running or just had been running.  Yow!  

Now, depending on which revision you have, one of two things are true here : the heat sink is either held on by pins (a relative godsend) or, which is the case most of the time, is glued directly to the core (a' la' Voodoo 3.)  The heat sink itself will be easy to replace with the pin mountings - any of a variety of readily-available aftermarket coolers should just plop right on along with some thermal compound, pin onto the board, and run until you finally replace the whole unit.  

If the assembly is glued to the core, it's probably not worth the trouble of replacing it.  Most old Voodoo-card users threw theirs in a deep freeze for a few hours then pried the assembly off with a screwdriver.  If it's cold enough, the glue wasn't too difficult to scrape and chip away, then sand smooth.  However, you also run the risk of pulling the top layer of the core directly off along with the glue, as well as damaging PCB components with the tool you're using to pry the assembly off with if you're too kludgy with it.  If this is the case, throw the card and invest in a new one.  As one user already pointed out, there are plenty of sub-$40 cards readily available on the market these days to replace old PCI video cards with.  GeForce2s, GeForce4 MXes, FX5200s, old surplus Maxtrox G400s, ATi Radeon 7000s - you name it, you can probably find it.  

As for greasing the fan bearings - that may not work, since some small fans on video cards are mounted on sealed ball bearings... any attempt to lubricate these will really just leave you with a messy, still-noisy fan.  If it's a sleeve-bearing fan, there's the possibility that you can disassemble the fan and lube the bearing.  
cameron_schulerAuthor Commented:
I decided to touch it it so see how it got and it would burn your finger if you keep it their more than a couple of seconds.

I don't think the fan is doing much to cool it down because I don't think it's rotating as fast as it should be.
It does sound like this card needs a fan and good air movement around it. I do not like the slot fans because they are noisey, but they do move air right under a pci card. The pci area is a dead spot in most cases for air movement. The fan mounted in the front of the case blowing air back into the pci zone seems to be the best way I have found for air movement in this zone. Try to find a small fan that will attach to the heatsink on the card, you can plug the fan into a 4 pin or 3 pin connector rather than on the video card as it is hard to find a fan with the right connector. I end up putting a connector on to fit the applacation most of the time.
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