Outlook Express news account, folders, and saved messages - ALL GONE!

I'm running WinXP Pro, using Outlook 2002 as mail client, and Outlook EXPRESS 6.00 as NEWS reader.  Had a couple of news accounts setup in OE and numerous NG messages that I had downloaded & organized into folders.  Had an OS problem & had to reformat & reinstall.  I was smart enought (sounds scary, huh...) to have all my data on a separate drive, so all was not lost (or so I thought).

I had my Outlook 2002 .pst on my separate data drive, & re-connected to it fine so all Outlook MAIL data is intact.  But OE has no accounts, and the folder pane has only the default folders (Outbox, Sent, Deleted, & Draft) and all are empty.

Where is OE data stored?  Apparently NOT in the Outlook .pst files.  I may be lucky & have a backup somewhere, but at this point I don't really even know what type of file I'm looking for, or how to restore or re-attach to it if I find it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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search your drive for *.dbx files, and in OE go to file -->import and import the dbx files

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cricketmanAuthor Commented:
HEY - what took you so long!  (WOW!).

OK, I DID have a bunch of .dbx files - 67 in all!

I figured out that I had to import them as MESSAGES, right?  But it only brought in about 6 of the folders.  What could be preventing the rest from coming in?  It would only let me select the FOLDER where the dbx files were... is that correct?
Do you know how many folders you had previously in Outlook express and do you remember the folder names ..
Lets say you had a folder name as test then you should be finding test.dbx in those 67..

Do you see that..

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>>It would only let me select the FOLDER where the dbx files were... is that correct?
Yes, and it looks for the inbox.dbx to make sure it is a valid store
cricketmanAuthor Commented:
Yep, I recognize the names of the dbx files.  Some are folders I had messages saved in, and others are names of the actual NG's I had subscribed to (like "rec.boats.dbx".  The ones that were folders seemed to all import(like "software tech tips.dbx"), but the ones that look to be the names of the newsgroups themselves did not.  Is there a way to get them in without having to re-subscribe to the NG's?  Not a huge deal I guess, but it would be nice.
If there are no messages in them, I think you would have to resubscribe to them
but you can try this
Cricketman ,

I would try this
open OE
go to tools > options > maintainence > store folder
check the path there
close OE
navigate to that path.
Now there you could see some *.dbx files.. Make sure to back them up ( in a different location)

Now make a backup of your 67 folders ..
Copy the 67 folders and paste it in the location (i mean the path which you found inside OE)
Now open OE and see if all your folders are there

cricketmanAuthor Commented:
Did what Sunray suggested, but it did not work completely.

After backing them up, I deleted all the folders in the store location (C:\Documents and Settings\clay\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{814AB151-C1BF-44BE-A6B5-A3E00C9E0022}\Microsoft\Outlook Express), and copied the 67 folders to that location.  When I re-opened OE, the same folders that I had previously IMPORTED appeared, but all were empty (where they previously had messages in them).  I then went back to tools > options > maintainence > store folder and pointed it to a different location (where the 67 folders are), re-opened OE, and the dozen or so that I had IMPORTED were there again, and they DID now have the saved messages in them, but the remaining 50 or so are nowhere to be seen.

Anything else?  This is not a huge deal, so I don't want to hammer it to death... I can just re-subscribe to the NG's...
Personally i have not used this tool
but try to see if you can get some assistance using this

cricketmanAuthor Commented:
Points split, with most going to stevelewis, who posted a good answer to my question ONE MINUTE AFTER I POSTED THE QUESTION!  Sunray's comments also were helpful, thus the 20 pts to him (or her?).  Some dbx files were able to be imported, but some were apparently damaged (they would not import, even with the tools that were recommended).  I can re-subscribe to the NG's that wouold not import.

Thanks to all who helped!
Glad we could help!!
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