CD ROM missing after installation of incompatible software~

I am running windows XP. I was trying to install a software program - Visio 2000 and somehow problems during installation because it says the software is incompatible to my OS due to watever reason. Then I just go on the installation hoping a mere chance it will be working anyhow, until it prompted installation failure and ask me to restart my computer, after that, i found out my CD ROM is not working. I couldnt track the driver in the device manager but a "new hardware found" message is prompted at the bottom right at the quick start icon pannel. The device manager doesnt show even the category CDROM but a question mark labelling "other devices". So i try to install it automatically but it doesnt help. Wat can i do to bring my CDROM driver?!!~~

Thanks for any advice.
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try to check your setting at bios

try to unplug the cdrom, boot the windows, shut it down, plug the cdrom in and then boot up once..
try removing the upper and lower filters
this will reset teh cd drives and allow windows to re install them properly

Recover Lost CD Roms


Delete any upper filters

remove any lower filters

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read this one ;-D
CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive appears to be missing after you install Windows XP
Hi den06boy ;-Þ
I suggest that you back in to the device manager and uninstall the current CD-ROM drive you have there.
The reboot your system.
If promted to install new drivers just after start-up, select "No" to this, we will add them manually.
Download new drivers for your CD-ROM devices (preferable) or simply use the generic ones from your Windows CD-ROM.
Now to the interesting part,
Start off by entering the device manager, select the drivers tab for the CD-ROM device and choose "Install / Update drivers",
When promted "Should Windows search for the drivers" simply select "Advanced, I will locate the drivers myself".
If you downloaded new ones, you locate where every you have the drivers and simply reboot your machine.
If you use the Windows CD-Rom, simply include the Windows CD-ROM when Windows searches for new drivers.

Eventually, when this is all done. Reboot system and enter BIOS, make sure your CD-ROM is listed there, if not you should download a new BIOS (preferable) or simply reset to manufacturers default settings. This should now allow you to see the CD-ROM perfectly fine again.
A simple System Restore should fix this problem. To do this, click Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore.
If for some reason you choose not to restore your system, you could try the following.

Starting with Visio2000, this program probably corrupted the registry in some way. I would uninstall and then remove all the files and registry entries that belong to Visio2000.
Here's how.

And here's Visio2000 SP2, which has a few bug fixes.

Now for the CD-Rom drive. Here's a quick fix. (For WinXP)
This patch and a reboot should restore the missing drive.

If this does not fix the problem, try reinstalling the software that come with the CD-ROM Drive.
If the CD-ROM drive has no software CD, go to the manufacturers website to look for a driver. If your unable to find a driver, or if you are unsure who the manufacturer is, do a websearch and download "My Drivers" Trial version. This program should detect the Make and Model of all your Hardware, including your Cd-Drive.

When you have found the Make and Model, try the following link to search for a driver. You need to join, but its free :-)

Hope this helps...
When you get the balloon tip saying new hardware found all you have to do is say no to anything that's  auto [ In certain cases this is the way things work. My sound drivers don't get installed with XP because XP doesn't support the particular manifacturer but this is slightly different. ] and then goto the add other device [ Actually I don't remember the order of the flow of the way things happen ] and then choose CD Rom and your problems are finished. Don't worry about anything. Just try and you will have it fixed. It's as simple as a Tic Tac Toe game but isn't it true that even a Tic Tac Toe is a very complex game when it comes to ignorance or lesser capabilities in certain cases? Ahh... forget this. Just remember that the good Tic Tac Toe involves the greatest rule ever ---- Trial and Error. That's it. You got it right. It's trial and error. The answer is right there.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
re install motherboard drivers ( IDE drivers ) maybe mscdex.exe has something to do with that ?? I would try a system restore first though.
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