Windows Raid 1

Could someone explain to me why I can't create anything but a Simple Dynamic Partition?

I have 2 SCSI Hard Disks running on seperate channels.  Motherboard is TYAN K8S Pro with built on SCSI but no RAID, I didn't realize I needed a seperate ZCR card.

Both disks are dynamic as far as disk management is concerned.  C Drive is a Simple Dynamic Partition that I'm trying to mirror to the second drive.  Should be simple right?

When I create a new volume out of the second drive, my only option is to create a Simple partition.  I've tried all the steps and I'm getting nowhere.

Any help would be apprediated.
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Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
BTW, I forgot to mention that Server 2003 is the operating system
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The second disk must be equal to or creater than the size of the disk you want to make a mirror of.  Then make sure it's dynamic, but do NOT attempt to create a partition on it.  Right click on the C: drive and select "Mirror" or "Create Mirror" (I don't recall the exact wording).

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Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
Ah,  They are exactly the same model drives shipped together but the second drive has a different bios and windows sees is as being SLIGHTLY smaller.  That would explain it.  Let me try resizing C and trying it again.
Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
hmm... I don't see a way to resize dynamic partitions.
If you create on both disk a 40 Gb partitions, e.g., all that you need is to Right-click the disk, place it do Dyanmic, and then, right -click the PARTITION you want and choose "Create Mirror" !

For all disk, yes, they need to have the same size, but it's done the same way.

Best Regards!

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