How to use two WiFI Routers as a Bridge


I need to set up a long range wireless link between two points.  One end has a DSL connection that I need to share with a few users on the other end.  I have to use a high gain antenna on each end for this, so I need to use hardware with a removable antenna.  I've found that the D-Link DI-524 is _by far_ the least expensive, and works well with the external antennas I need.  Is it possible for me to use a DI-524 router on each end, or will there be conflicts?  I am assuming that I need a router on both ends because I need to plug in the DSL into a WAN port, and D-Link AP's don't have WAN ports.  On the far end, I need to both pick up the long range signal, and also allow wireless clients to connect locally.  What would you recommend?  I called D-Link and they said "No, you have to buy something that supports bridge mode on both ends."  But I'm not sure I believe them.  Thanks for the help!
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Ok Here's how it works
1.  To go ap to ap one must be a bridge, not all ap can do this.

2.   There is also ap to ap with both bing bridges. not very many ap support this.

If going very far you should at least a 100mw ap  on both ends
I have had good success with DWL-2000 AP's. They support bridged mode and have done exactly what you are referring to twice (sharing a DSL connection to a location that couldn't get DSL).

as the above poster said, you need to have AP's that support it, which means that you may need to spend a bit more than the cheapest ones.

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>Is it possible for me to use a DI-524 router on each end
No it does not have point to point mode firmware.
Very few routers can do this. Most access points do include this operating mode.
Check the manual to be sure before buying.
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The best solution is to use a hacked wrt54g router using the satori 4.0  firmware (free if you look hard enough).  You will need to load this and resetup your router but this will enable WDS for the router.  WDS allows you to hop wireless signals wile still allowing access from each to wireless NIC's. This is the most cost effective solution.
sb73542Author Commented:
Can I use a DWL-2000AP on each end for the long range link, and access one end with local wireless clients?

How about using a regular DWL-G700 AP on each end?  Can they also support a WAN connection (broadband) on one end?
the DWL-2000AP+ won't allow clients to connect at the same time it is being used as a point-to-point bridge. I missed the bit about local clients, sorry. You could do as eatmeimadanish suggested and use an AP that does WDS. Two problems I see with this are:

1. Bandwidth is halved for both the p2p link and for the clients connecting.
2. If you are using a directional antenna, unless the clients happen to be in the path of the antenna, then they won't get much signal.

You may be better off using two AP's for the p2p connection, then another one (cheapest one you can find if you want) for the local client connections.

In terms of the equipment required to share the DSL connection, if you already have a DSL router, that is all you need. The wireless bridge joins the two locations to make them a single network. The devices on the remote end will be able to access your DSL connection, same as the local ones.
sb73542Author Commented:
According to the changelog for the latest rev of the 2000-AP firmware, they added WDS, but that might not be ideal.  I'll try 3 AP's  

Thanks very much for your help!
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