Protect my PC from Internet ADs

This must be a very popular question here but any way

I have a Laptop PC windows XP proffissional SP 2.0 which prevent Some banners and some scripting in Browesers, i am always connected to the NET but not able to prevent popup windows containing ADs, where can I find software that prevent those ADs that is relaiable, will not affect my Laptop preformance and Free ;-) ?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Best bet is probably to use Spybot.

In addition, stop using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  They are VERY vulnerable to spyware/adware/virus attacks from websites and spam email.  If you use another browser like Opera or my preference, Firefox ( has firefox and it's free) then you are less susceptible to these kinds of problems.  You can keep IE on the system if there's a website that doesn't work well with firefox, but the vast majority of sites will work great in firefox - and FAST.  

If you still have problems, you might well be already infected with adware/spyware.  Spybot will help detect this and remove it.  But it's not 100% - you might need to run other tools.  My personal favorite is silent runners - a vb script that lists EVERYTHING that starts up when your computer starts.  If you download it and run it (available from and post the log file results here, I or others can help determine what's bad and what's not.  (Sometimes to completely get rid of such programs you need to boot into safe mode and manually edit the registry - at least that's been my experience).

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petmagdyAuthor Commented:
I will try ur advice and return back
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
And of course, unless you know for certain what you are installing, if asked to install something when visiting a web page, say no and don't open any attachments you are not otherwise expecting, even if they are from a friend.
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petmagdyAuthor Commented:
just a question in spoyspot what does immunize mean?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It generally blocks cookies from web sites and I believe other such items - I'm not entirely positive.  BUT, I've always "immunized" and never seen it cause a problem.  Likewise, I always tell it to remove everthing it finds - I've never seen that cause a problem.  Also, you might want to disable system restore before cleaning the system, otherwise, if you do have to restore things, you'll end up restoring the viruses/adware/spyware.

(And just because I've never seen a problem doesn't mean it can't create one.  But I think it's very unlikely it would (I've used it on perhaps 3 dozen systems without issue).
petmagdyAuthor Commented:
thanks leew, I am always available on Java channel tell me if u have java questions ;-)
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