Accessing Outlook 2003 from internet?

So I imagine many people have their Outlook (2003 in my case) set up just fine to send/receive mail from many SMTP/POP accounts;

But what about when they need to have access to that mail from the internet...

I'm looking for a solution to access the Outlook mail from the internet;
I would like to avoid having the need to set up and use the Exchange Server, since it's just for my self...

Thank you...
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would suggest setting it to "leave mail on server" for x number of days, provided your SMTP/POP host has a webmail service.  If not, you'd have to look into Remote Access solutions - if you use XP Pro, Remote Desktop is an option.  Otherwise, there's VNC/TightVNC/UltraVNC.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I setup my current client so that all of their employees (who all POP mail off the server) have outlook set to leave mail on server for 7 days.  When they travel, they have their last 7 days worth of mail, plus however many more days they are away and not outlook isn't open to download the mail.
Well usually the provider where your email is hosted provides you with a web mail interface.. the only thing is you can only view the emails that you haven't downloaded to your outlook yet assuming you didn't enable the leave copy on server option on your outlook... also all contacts stored in your outlook are not there...

You could sign up for some free web mail (yahoo, hotmail, netscape, whatever) then set up a rule in Outlook that forwards all mail to your web address.  You could delete the items you will never need from the web mail account and just leave the ones you will possibly need while on the road.

You could also consider just using a web mail account as your email address.

If you are running Windows XP Pro at home, have a fast connection at home and will always be connecting from a fast connection, you could setup your home computer for Remote Desktop, and just carry the Remote Desktop client install disk with you when you go out of town.  You can not only access your email this way, but any other Outlook data like your calendar and contacts, as well as anything else on your computer (non-outlook stuff I mean)
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