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How do I determine preformance and recourse used by one technique ( using object a instad of object b ) and comparing it with the performace and recourses of using the other technique ( using object b instead of a )
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depends how u are judging performance.
timing the task would be one means.
DaFouAuthor Commented:
and in terms of memory usage?
DaFouAuthor Commented:
how do i time a task? please provide examples
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long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
long stop = System.currentTimeMillis();

long msecs = stop - start;

for short task may you want to repeat it 100 times for example.
I guess you can take help of a Java Profiler. is one and well there are many others you can do a googl for one.

For interactive tasks the judge is the user (everything visibly taking longer than 500 mSec is too long)
For internal processes, use a stopwatch timer (ask times, subtract, measure).
Memory usage is a trade of between speed of processing and speed of storage; up to your limits of course.

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for some memory amounts try:

Runtime rTime = Runtime.getRuntime();
long freeMem = rTime.freeMemory();
long maxMem = rTime.maxMemory();
long totalMem = rTime.totalMemory();

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