AMD 2800XP and Abit NF7-S2G Mobo. Wont POWER ON ?

Ok, i just purchased a combo deal.. for a AMD 2800XP and Abit NF7-S2G motherboard, and have a new Power supply with built in LED (for case mod theme) .  I have everything hooked up, Ram is in, CPU is in 20pin Connector Plugged in, and the 4 Pin Power connector plugged on the mobo aswell.  I have shorted the CCMOS jumper for at least 2-3minutes.  then placed the jumpers on the normal default pins again.  all the power/switches/hd.leds cables are all hooked up on the mobo. Now with all this done, i go to press the power button and no luck :( mobo just wont power up. i double checked power connectors and everything is fitted perfectly, but still no power.. The PSU i am using the blue LED lights come on when the 20 Pin connector is hooked on the mobo, but when its not connected i noticed the LED doesnt come on.. so i am guessing that means the connectors are connected fine.  The mobo also has 2 LED's built on it, one for when there is power supplied to the mobo itself, and the other when system is powered on.. Well None of the LED's are on.. so i am guessing there no power being distributed to the mobo since neither LED's are on.  Any suggestions anyone ? Many thanks in Advance.

P.S. i have given this question 500 points, because i need this PC done by wednesday, and i have been trying all day today and still no luck and i have school tommorow so dont have that much time.. thanks

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For a start; it could be one of the devices shorting. Try to disable all drives (i.e. hard drive, Cd and floppy) and try to power the unit again. Can you see any change?

Have you tried to change your Power Supply ?

But before that: there's a switch on the back of your Power Supply, and, sorry asking, is it turned on?

The main voltage is set to 110v or 220v ?

Also try switching the graphics adapter with a new one!

It could be the cause !

Best Regards!
Well if the mobo lights dont come on, but the PSU lights come on....dead mobo im afraid, contact who you bought it from and ask for a return. you wont be done by wednesday im afraid, but there isnt many others ways around it.
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Make sure the cables from your mobo to the case (front leds, buttons etc) are connected to the proper leads, maybe you mixed the on/off connector with something else.
1) Remove all I/O devices,CD/HDD, PCI, AGP and memory. Boot the system.
This will try and force the motherboard for a beep sequence or a POST message.
If you get one there might still be a chance.

2) Update your BIOS with
Then afterwards only add memory and try and see if you can access BIOS.

4) If this works, now try and add components one-by-one.

5) If this is also unsuccessful there might be capacitors on the motherboard that has been damaged,
usually if this is the case, check for bulging capacitors near the CPU, this is where they normally expand due to heat
or power shortage.


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Did you connect the 2pin connector on the maonboard with the cable to the power switch of the case?
For Athlon boards, there should only be one connector you need to connect to the motherboard. Assuming the right voltage is set on the power supply and any switch on the psu is set to on (is the psu fan running by the way?) then you should see one LED on the board light up.

If that does not come on, remove the power from all devices and try again.

If you still get nowhere and the psu fan is working, then its mostl likely a faulty motherboard. I would try another board if you can get hold of one just for the sake of testing the power supply.

If the fan in the PSU does not work, then you most likely have a faulty PSU.
Did you check ide, floppy, cd-rom cables are connected properly??
Coupee36Author Commented:
Thanks for comments everyone, but i gotta give this to Bjorn... turned out neither the mobo or PSU is dead :) .. i did wat bjorn did, unhook everything and see if power goes to the mobo.. well thats wat i did.. and now the mobo LED works.. now tis time to put one thing in one by one, until the lights go out to find out wat is going on ? thanks again..
Coupee36Author Commented:
ok.. didnt take that long, found out the problem .. turned out the case i have has two usb connectors in front of the case, so when i hook it up to the mobo. it caueses the mobo to receive no power ?? wierd.. but when i hook up the backpanel USB the mobo came with, it works fine ? oh well.. i got 6 usb on tehre now.. so no need for the extra 2.. ahah.. thanks again fellas really appreciate it..
Coupee36Author Commented:
ok i hate to just keep posting replys haha.. but i hope my replys help others.. ok well found out why it is when i hook up the usb connector of the front case, the mobo wont work.. i looked at the usb in the front case, turned out it was bent, to where it touches the plate of the other usb.. straighten it out and works fine now :) woo hoo 8 usb connectors.. lol..
haha, not bad...Make sure you use it fully with up to 128 devices :-Þ
Glad it finally worked out,
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