Mail Forwarding with sendmail

Hello everybody,

I am usning sendmail as my mail server.
my mailing is working fine but my problem is that i want to forward my mails to lotus domino mail server in such a way that one copy of my mails will resides on my sendmail server and one on lotus domino mail server (as backup).

i am having user database on both the mail server and both servers can work live without any dely and what i have to change is just only Nating on my firewall.

My basic requirement is how to configure sendmail for forwarding mails with duplication.

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Probably the easiest way to do this is via the aliases file. Assuming that your Notes server was notes.mydom.tld an aliases file record for a user would look like:

some-user:       some-user,some-user@notes.mydom.tld

Of course you'd need aliases for each user and would disable any other forwarding methods. And, not so obviously, you need to configure Notes to accept mail addressed to some-user@notes.mydom.tld in addition to the default address of some-user@mydom.tld.
imamit2000Author Commented:
Thanks  jlevie,

Thanks for the comments.

Actually i am already having these kind of methods. I had tried once for the testing for some users.  And it giving a good load on my mail server.

On my mail server around 50,000 mail goes in 'n' out daily.
So if i will go for this approach it will made my mailing slow. I am looking for some internal settings of the sendmail itself.

As far as I know there isn't any "internal setting" that can do this. And the speed difference is probably due to the increased I/O that the mail relay has to do to store a local copy, so whether it was internal to Sendmail or via alias expansion you'd probably see the same increase in server load.
imamit2000Author Commented:
thanks again,

ok now i will think that i will go for this solution or not.
ya, one more thing, Can i implement quota through sendmail itself, right now i am using file system quota (quotacheck, quotaon etc. )
Sendmail doesn't support quotas on mail. And trying to use file system quotas is dangerous because by the time that Sendmail finds out that a message would go over quota it is too late to tell the sender and thus the message will be lost. There are safe ways of doing mail quota's, like the Cyrus IMAP implementation.

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