How to change the default web address for track-it using IIS

This is not a Track-it question but it is an IIS question, for all you IIS gurus.  I have installed track-it and setup the web add-on for the software.  Everything is working well; I am going to point our users to use the web add-on to submit their help request.  I have also imported all the users from our domain so that everyone can use one logon username and pwd.  Anyways, the question is this… as a default web address for track-it is http://localhost/tiweb60/...etc but my manager wants to make it simple.  He would like to see it as http://helpdesk or anything else that the end user can just remember and type it in the address bar.  Is there any way to change that in IIS?  I know that the software comes with the default web address.  Therefore, I guess if I wanted to change something it would be in IIS.

Thanks for all your response in advance.  

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I believe you would need to creat a DNS record pointing "helpdesk" to the IP of the machinehosting the site. then that machine will need the page renamed from default.htm to helpdesk.htm
bebeslbAuthor Commented:
Hmmm explain and i did it correctly.  i didn't work.

bebeslbAuthor Commented:
I sorry katacombz..  I followed your suggestion and It didn't work.  If not please go into detail as to where i need to rename from default.htm to helpdesk.htm.  i am not a IIS sabee person.


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first with dns it should resolve helpdesk to the physical server hosting the site
IE: if you ping helpdesk it should resolve to that servers Ip address

then on the server hosting the site take the website that you would get to from  http://localhost/tiweb60/...etc and name it helpdesk so that dns will refer the request to that server and that server will display the correct page.

aside from this you might post a new question linking back to this in the WEB DEV topic area.
Setup a redirect in IIS.

1. Open IIS Admin
2. Right Click Websites and choose "New Site"
3. in the Description type "HelpDesk"
4. Under the IP Address assign it to an IP.  For the Port choose port 80.  For the Host header put "HelpDesk"
5. Choose anything for the path (We'll change this later)
6. Click Next until the wizard finishes.

7. Right click the new site and choose properties
8. Click the Home Directory tab and choose "A redirection to a URL"
9. Put in the URL to the site that you're wanting to visit.  Choose "A permanent redirection for this resource" so that the URL doesn't change when a user visits the site.

Next you'll have to setup DNS to point to the correct IP in step 4.

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The above solution did not work.  There must be more steps
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