wierd image problem (netboot option)

I am experiencing a wierd issue when creating and deploying an OS X  image to the newest iBook, G5 and eMac platforms.  

Upon creation/configuration of a base image, that includes verifying a managed profile (aka student login) has office application aliases available, the master image is created and compressed onto a firewire drive for mass deployment.  However, upon actual deployment of the image, the once present aliases for the office applications have vanished!  Currently the workaround is to log in as another manager user with elevated privs (aka teacher login) and launch the applications one at a time, thus recreating the aliases that once existed and suddenly vanished.

The idea is to mass image and not have to reboot and configure each one (logging in and re-launching the office apps is time consuming and a silly waste of time as it should have been included in the 'master' image to begin with)

Does anyone have any exposure or insight into this specific problem?
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What are you using to create the image and move the image to the firewire drive?
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
apple system restore. files are stored as .dmg files and restored from 1394 drives using net restore utility.  wokring towards a master image that is cross platform (all hardware environment) compatible

is it normal that the compression of a 3 to 4 gig image take 3 to 4 hours to compress?! (ok, ill double the points if u can address this one too!!)

What exactly do you mean by "application aliases"? On the surface it sounds like maybe you've got some bad permissions getting in the way of a student seeing into a folder for an app or maybe a plist file not being used properly.

If Use Carbon Copy Cloner to make an ASR read-only compressed image it shouldn't take 3 to 4 hours... are you using NetRestore off a server or just the firewire drive that gets hooked up to each machine for deployment? if you're doing it all "locally" then don't even use NetRestore, just CCC and a disk image... nothing fancy.
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jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
The jist is:

When I image a system using ASR, the previously available shortcuts (they were available in the master system my image was captured from) have vanished from the student profile.  I am forced to log in as an elevated user, run the applications, and then log back in as a student - !poof! the shortcuts are back.  

That is what I meant by application alias.  Sorry, not exactly the worlds most savvy Apple dude here.
I shouldn't say this because I'll jinx myself, but I'm doing the same thing & not having a problem.

I use Carbon Copy Cloner & "clone to folder" to my Firewire drive then Netrestore that image to whatever machine.

Are you running the programs as student before you clone?

I also make sure I do a lot of permission repairs (before& after every update) & you can have CCC repair before it clones also.

Are you actually compressing the image or are you just refering to the process that CCC goes through?

It can take a very long time to CCC depending on you original image size.  My 3-4 G takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs.
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:

Are you using 'simple finder' interface 1, 2 - are the applications you installed in subfolders?  

It isn't all the icons...it is just a few special ones related to this scenario...

Simple finder for the student account, no.
I use the restricted or whatever it's called where I go through & check the box on what programs I want them to run.

Some apps are in sub folders.  I like to put all in Applications/program name or folder.  I do have a couple progs that will only work if their folder is in the root.

These are all third party apps then?
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
This was a confirmed issue with Apple, says a system engineer.  Was fixed in Tiger, all is OK now.
jeremiahjAuthor Commented:
No objections from me...

Is there something I could have done to prevent this?  No one answered this question, then Apple confirmed it as a known issue and resolved it.

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